November 26, 2008

Hello world. We are Flexilis.

Hello world. So, you might be asking yourself…

“Who the heck is Flexilis?”

We are a team of security researchers, software developers, and mobile technology fanatics who want to help make the mobile world a safe place to work and play.

Our team is primarily comprised of very technical folks who want to take on the challenge of developing security solutions for the next generation of computing devices. Most importantly, we are the kind of people who love building great products that are as easy to use as they are advanced in how they keep you safe.

We *really* love mobile devices and all the cool things they can do to make life more enjoyable, social, and productive. As mobile devices have become a central part of people’s lives, it has become important that these devices stay safe – they contain your personal data, cool applications, and are your connection to the world. Billions (yes, billions) of people depend on mobile devices every day for business or to keep in touch with family and friends. Losing a device (or accidentally breaking it) isn’t fun – we’ve been there. Downloading malware or receiving SMS spam isn’t fun either – we’ve been there too.

That is why we’ve developed a next generation mobile security application built to keep your mobile device and data safe from whatever comes your way from loss or theft to malware, hackers, and spam. We’ve built this app from the ground up with a keen focus on the unique aspects of mobile devices, so it is lightweight (really fast / battery efficient), cross platform (runs on tons of devices) and is designed to stop the threats facing mobile devices as they evolve.


We are very excited to share more with you about our adventures and how we are going to help keep your mobile device and data safe. Until then, we are now accepting invite requests for our private beta test. We’ll be using your feedback to refine and improve our software and web site prior to our launch in early 2009 – so sign up now and we will see you soon!

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