May 21, 2009

Flexilis Beta Release 7 is Live!

Flexilis Beta Release 7 is now out and ready for download! We’ve focused on a number of performance enhancements in this update, and we were able to substantially reduce memory usage to keep Flexilis running fast and efficient on your device. We also fixed a number of bugs on the client and web, including issues related to missing device functionality and an issue that disabled Flexilis for some international users. Overall this release runs faster and more efficiently than ever, and is paving the way for some very exciting improvements that are right around the corner. We’re working hard every day to keep your devices safe and connected.

To check out the new release, just visit and log in to your account. Your mobile client will automatically download and install the new software at its next scheduled sync. If you’d like to view a full list of changes and get more details about this release, take a look at our changelog.

Thanks to everyone that contributed feedback and bug reports for this release. If you need help or would like to send us a report, you can e-mail or use our contact form to get in touch with us any time. We love hearing your feedback, and everything that you send us really helps make Flexilis better.


-The Flexilis Team

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May 15, 2009

Beta 6 Server Update

We’ve just pushed out a server release with lots of updates and bug fixes! There are a few major improvements, too, including updates to the dashboard and missing device interface which really improve the usability of the application. We also made some enhancements that many of you have been asking for, including the ability to select all of your data with 1 click and easily restore or download. Just log in at to check out all the new features, or you can view a full list on our changelog.

You’ll also notice that the Flexilis homepage has a new face. We’ve added additional information that should give you a small preview of what Flexilis has to offer.

There are a number of very exciting things around the corner that we have been working very hard on. So, stay tuned.

Missing Device

As always, thanks to our beta testers for all the great feedback and bug reports you’ve sent us! Keep them coming, we love hearing your thoughts and we continually use them to improve Flexilis. Just drop us an e-mail at with questions, comments or reports at any time.


-The Flexilis Team

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