July 30, 2009

Ask Flexilis Live!

Today we held an event on Twitter called “Ask Flexilis!” where we took any and all questions people on Twitter had on anything mobile, whether it was about the Carriers, Handset makers, new technologies, security, new about mobile and current events in mobile, or even questions about Flexilis.

Posted below is the transcript from the event, Enjoy!

Q: @heisenthought: ”What kind of mobile attacks do you guys worry about the most?“
A: @flexilis: “Any attack really. “If it threatens your data, your livelyhood, or your mobile experience we want to be there to stop it. The current iPhone vulnerability is one of the big ones right now, hopefully apple provides a fix soon”

Q: @jgrubbs: “will you be adding the ability to edit my contacts via the web that are then re-synced back to my phone?”
A: @flexilis: “It’s something we’re looking in to, our focus so far has been more backup than sync, & we’re making sure we’re doing that right first.”

Q: @tlrobinson: “How do you go about finding vulnerabilities in phones?”
A: @flexilis: “our security researchers are some of the best. they sift through the code, test it all in a million ways and more, they rock!”

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July 10, 2009

Flexilis Beta Release 9 is Out!

Flexilis Beta Release 9 is now out and ready for download! This update focused on long term improvements based on extensive user feedback and testing which include major user interface/experience improvements on both the client and the web and speed/stability enhancements on the web. Notable changes include:
Flexilis Mobile Seuciryt Client

  • New and improved mobile client user interface
  • Significantly improved support for international users
  • New Anti-Virus and Firewall page and security event reporting on web application
  • Improved multiple device navigation on the web application
  • Added additional news feed events for modifying settings, missing device actions, software updates, and restoring data

To check out all the new updates, just visit http://beta.flexilis.com/ and log in to your account. Your mobile client will automatically download and install the new updates at its next scheduled connection. If you’d like to view a full list of changes and get more details about this release, take a look at our changelog.

Thank you to all of our fantastic beta testers across who have contributed feedback and bug reports. The response and positive feedback has been amazing. We have beta testers using over 500 different types of devices in over 200 countries across 400 mobile networks around the world. So, please, keep the feedback flowing! If you need help or would like to send us a report, you can e-mail support@flexilis.com or use our contact form to get in touch with us any time. Everything that you send us helps to improve Flexilis and ensure that you and your mobile device remain safe and connected.


-The Flexilis Team

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