April 30, 2010

Mobile Security for your Blackberry – Download the Latest Release!

A new, updated version of Lookout Mobile Security for Blackberry is now available! Thanks to all of our users who provided feedback on our earlier beta release.

Download the latest version to get these great updates:

  • Automatic Updates. Get updates automatically over-the-air for real-time virus protection
  • Faster Backup. Backup your contacts and photos quickly and easily
  • Improved Performance. Overall performance enhancements included
  • Security Enhancements. Improved security features including the ability to scan your memory card to stop viruses from automatically downloading from your phone to your PC

As always, you can contact our support team at support-at-mylookout.com for help.

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April 28, 2010

System Update – Follow Up

To follow up on our previous post, we wanted to let you know that the Lookout system has been operating at full system performance since last week. We also wanted to assure our users that there was no interruption in security protection at any time.

Thank you for your patience. We are committed to providing you the best protection for your smartphone.

If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our support team directly at support-at-lookout.com.

–  The Lookout Team

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April 14, 2010

System Update

We’ve been receiving feedback from users who are experiencing issues on degraded performance using the Web application and other related functionality. Our team is currently working as diligently as possible to resolve the issue and bring system performance back to normal.

Rest assured that Lookout is still fully protecting your device from threats of viruses and other malware.

We are committed to giving you the best protection available for your mobile devices and will continue to provide status updates.

Thank you to all of our fantastic Lookout users who have written in and provided feedback — keep it coming.

– The Lookout Team

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April 13, 2010

Lookout Mobile Security for Blackberry has arrived!

Lookout Mobile Security for BlackberryAfter many months of product development, we are proud to announce that Lookout Mobile Security for Blackberry is ready! We’ve put in a lot of user research, design thought, and engineering effort and we genuinely believe this is one of our strongest releases ever.

Though Smartphone Protection is increasingly important across all mobile platforms, it’s even more critical for Blackberry. In particular, Blackberry owners overwhelmingly use their smartphones both for business and personally. Surveys of our audience put this number at over 60% for Blackberry users, far higher than other mobile platforms.

With more are more apps being available for Blackberry, our customers need security and protection that will ensure that downloading apps won’t also bring viruses and other malware.

In our new Lookout for Blackberry app, you’ll find:

Mobile Security: Protect your smartphone from electronic threats

  • Anti-Virus and Security, designed specifically for your Blackberry
  • Scans every app you download to make sure it’s safe
  • Runs in the background

Backup: Save a copy of your contacts and photos

  • Sync your data automatically every night or schedule regular backups
  • Easy access to your data “over-the-air” from any web browser
  • Restore your data back to your phone or to a new phone anytimeLookout Blackberry WebApp

Missing Device: Find your phone if it is lost or stolen

  • Pinpoint where your phone is on a map via the web (log-in to your Lookout dashboard)
  • Activate a loud alarm to find your phone nearby – even if it’s on silent
  • Remotely wipe your personal data from your phone if it is lost for good

*Keep in mind that in order to use all the Lookout features, you will need to have SMS text enabled.

If you are an existing Lookout user, share the love and tell your friends with Blackberries to download Lookout for free.

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April 9, 2010

From Russia With Love: New Mobile Malware Hides in a Game and Makes Charges to your Phone Bill


The Threat: There is a new family of mobile malware currently in the wild that forces infected phones to periodically dial premium-rate international phone numbers. The malware is a repackaged version of a legitimate 3D game and was being distributed on multiple mobile download sites. The game, “3D Anti-Terrorist Action” is from a Chinese company named Huike, but the malware author appears to be Russian. Only Windows Mobile devices are affected by this specific malware although similar malware exists for other platforms.

How it Works: When a device becomes infected, the malware stays dormant for approximately 3 days then wakes up and dials between four and six premium-rate international numbers, depending on which version of the malware was installed on the device.  After the first round of dialing, the malware stays dormant for one month, then dials the same numbers again, repeating the process every month afterward.

By waiting several days before waking up, the malware isn’t apparent to a user–if your phone starts making strange looking calls immediately after installing a game, you’d know exactly why.  Because the game is functional, a user is also unlikely to uninstall it.  The only evidence of malicious behavior is strange international numbers on a user’s phone bill or in their call history.  Reports of $10 and $20 monthly charges resulting from this malware have surfaced on developer forums. More sophisticated malware could hide its tracks by removing entries from the call history.

Phones it Affects: All phones running Windows Mobile 5.0 or above

How to tell if you’re infected:

  1. Check your call history for any strange looking international numbers
  2. Review your phone bill for unauthorized charges
  3. If you’re comfortable with it, open your “File Explorer”, then navigate to “/Windows” and look for a file named “smart32”. If you see this file be sure to install security software to remove it.

How to stay safe:

  1. Run good security software on your phone (we’re partial to Lookout)
  2. Only download applications from trustworthy sources

All Lookout users on Windows Mobile will receive updated protection the next time their device checks in to the server.  If you want to manually connect and receive the update, you can do so by simply initiating a backup.

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