September 24, 2010

Drumroll please, Our New Look is Here…

Last week we shared the news that we have a new look. Starting today, you will start seeing it on our website, in our product and other places. You can see a sample of the new logo in our product below. We value your feedback so let us know what you think by emailing us at newlogo-at-lookout-dot-com!

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September 22, 2010

PC World Gives Lookout a Five Star Review

We get great consumer feedback about our product every day, but it is always nice to get external validation from a well-respected organization like PC World. We were thrilled when they recently awarded us their five-star rating in a review of Lookout Mobile Security.

Not many applications are given a coveted five-star review, and we’re honored that PC World puts us in that category. PC World describes our product as “A triple –threat of protection for your phone” and notes that it is “unobtrusive” and a “must have” application.

Every day we hear from users how Lookout has protected them from software threats, saved their most important data or prevented users from dealing with major headache of a lost phone. As wonderful as five star reviews are, your feedback is what keeps us going and makes us so excited to protect your phone. To write your own review of our app, you can visit our Facebook page: Thanks for supporting Lookout and keep the great feedback coming!

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September 17, 2010

A New Look and More to Come…

In the past year, we’ve been growing by leaps and bounds. We have reached 2 million users, have become the highest rated security app on BlackBerry and Android, and have received amazing feedback including receiving the Gettie Award for the Best Android App.

We’re excited to continue to enhance the Lookout experience for our users and want to let you know that we’ll be sharing a number of announcements with you in the coming weeks.  Today we’d like to reveal an updated look for Lookout. Our new look is designed to reflect what our products stand for: top-notch protection, designed for mobile, and simple to use.  We know how important your phone is to you and more than ever we’re committed to protecting you from malware, spyware, data loss and loss of the phone itself.

Here’s a sneak preview and you’ll see the logo on our website and products in the coming weeks.

We’d love to hear from you so let us know what you think by emailing us at!

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September 15, 2010

Update: Vulnerability Found in Adobe Flash Player for Android

9.20.2010 – UPDATE: Today Adobe released a patch for the Flash Player for Android vulnerability. Users of Flash Player for Android version and earlier can update to Flash Player version by browsing to the Android Marketplace on an Android phone.


Earlier this week, Adobe issued an advisory regarding a vulnerability in the Adobe Flash Player version that could affect Android devices.

The Risk:
If a user views maliciously crafted content with Adobe Flash Player (, an attacker could take control of the affected system.  Currently, there are reports that this vulnerability is being actively exploited on Windows Desktop systems. However, there is no known exploit in circulation for Android devices as of this time.

Phones it affects:
This vulnerability only affects devices running Android 2.2. To see what version of Android you are running, go to Settings -> About Phone and scroll down to the “Firmware Version”. If it reads version 2.2 then your phone could be at risk.

How to tell if you’re affected:
You can check to see if Adobe Flash Player is installed on your Android device by opening the Settings application and navigating to Applications -> Manage Applications.  If Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is on this list, your device is vulnerable.

How to stay safe:
As we state above, there are no known exploits circulating for this vulnerability on Android devices, however the platform remains vulnerable until Adobe issues a patch, and in that time an exploit could surface.  As stated in their advisory, Adobe plans to issue an updated Flash runtime “during the week of September 27, 2010”.

If you are concerned, you have options:
(1)   Uninstall the Flash Player from your device until a patched version is available. To track when a patch is available you can subscribe to the Adobe PSIRT RSS feed.

(2)  Disable the plugin availability entirely, or set plugins to “On Demand” in the Android Browser. This will allow you to choose and select which flash content to open.  To set plug-ins to “On Demand”, click the browser icon on your device and navigate to Menu -> Settings. Scroll down and unclick the “Enable Plug-Ins” icon.

If you have questions about this or other malware, feel free to contact us at

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September 14, 2010

New Version of SMS Trojan hits Android Phones

The Threat: In August we covered the SMS Trojan and now a variant of this Trojan has surfaced. The variant is reportedly using SEO techniques to achieve prominent placement in search results for Russian web sites. Like its predecessor, this Trojan masquerades as a media player, being distributed as “pornoplayer.apk.”

How it Works: The new malware is being distributed on adult-oriented Russian websites that prompt Android users to download the pornplayer.apk application from an infected webpage in order to view the adult videos.  If a user chooses to install the application, it requests permission from the user to send SMS messages.  Once the application is launched, the Trojan sends several SMS messages to premium rate numbers. The charges equate to roughtly $6 USD.

Phones it Affects: While the Trojan can be installed on any Android device, the short codes that it uses are only valid on Russian and surrounding regional networks.

How to tell if you’re affected:

  • Review your phone bill for any premium SMS messages you did not send
  • If you have recently downloaded a media player, check the permissions to ensure it does not have the ability to send SMS messages. (Go to Settings, Applications, Manage Applications)

How to Stay Safe:

  • Only download applications from trusted sources. Remember to look at reviews and star ratings.
  • Always check the permissions an app is requesting when downloading apps. Use common sense to ensure that the permissions match the type of app you are downloading.
  • Download a mobile security app for your phone that scans every app you download. We’re partial to Lookout and Lookout protects against this threat.

As we’ve previously noted, with the discovery of these new Android Trojans, it is more important than ever to pay attention to what you’re downloading. This Movie Player app directly lists permissions to access “Services that cost you money” before you install. Stay alert to ensure that you trust every app you download and stay tuned for more details on this threat.

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September 9, 2010

Lookout Announces 2M Users and Growing!

Today I’m pleased to announce that Lookout has over 2 million registered users. It’s amazing to see millions of people using Lookout every day and how passionate people are about their mobile devices. It’s even more amazing to think that over the course of the last 2 months, more than a million users chose Lookout to protect their mobile phones, especially given it took more than three times that to reach our first million users. We are honored to keep our users safe every day and proud that we can help them experience everything that the new smartphones have to offer, safely.

Of course, let’s not forget that mobile security is about more than just malware and spyware, it’s about complete protection including keeping your device and data safe; something Lookout does for its users everyday. We’ve got some great stats that truly demonstrate the scale at which Lookout is keeping its users safe. To date Lookout has:

  • Found lost or stolen phones for users more than 700,000 times, with a phone found every 15 seconds over the past two months
  • Backed-up over 130 million photo
  • Backed-up over 625 million contacts, which if printed on business cards would wrap around the circumference of the earth 1.4 times

In the coming months, expect to see some very exciting new developments from Lookout. We are absolutely committed to bringing you the best products possible to keep you safe while using your mobile phone.  To all our amazing users, keep the great feedback coming and thank you for choosing Lookout.

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September 1, 2010

Lookout Super User of the Month: Jeff Richmond

We have received an overwhelming number of stories from our users telling us how Lookout has protected their smartphone. To honor you, our best users, we are continuing our series to highlight one Lookout “Super User” every month. We are very excited about our super user this month who was even featured on the Fox 12 Oregon news! If you’ve got a great story to share with us, please email us at

Lookout Super User: Jeff Richmond

Name: Jeff Richmond

Occupation: Attorney

Location: Willsonville, Oregon

Lookout User Since: November 2009

Device Type: Motorola Droid

Favorite Lookout Feature: Backup of personal data

What do you use your phone for? Managing both work and personal emails, viewing social networks and reading the news

What are some other apps that you can’t live without? Twitter, Google Maps, Facebook


How Jeff Found Lookout

Jeff came across the Lookout application while browsing the Android Market for the most popular apps. He had just gotten the newest Motorola Droid and it was his first smartphone so he was eager to download apps for it. He saw that Lookout had a very high star rating and read through the Market description. Intrigued by all of the useful features that Lookout offered, Jeff decided to download Lookout and try it out for himself.

What Jeff Loves About Lookout

Initially, Jeff downloaded Lookout for the whole set of features, but he especially liked the Anti-virus scans because he felt safe knowing that Lookout scanned every application that he downloaded onto his Droid. But, after using Lookout for a few more months, Jeff’s new favorite feature quickly became the ability to backup photos and contacts.

How Lookout Saved the Day

In December of last year, Jeff and his wife were in their home in Wilsonville, OR about to turn in early for the night. After checking through their mail and placing their cell phones in their charging station in the kitchen, Jeff and his wife went to bed. Around 10:30 that night Jeff thought he heard noises downstairs, but since their golden retriever did not react like he had heard noises as well, Jeff chalked the sounds up as a figment of his imagination. He and his wife woke up the next morning to find that burglars had broken into their house and stolen both of their laptops, cell phones, car keys, his wife’s purse, and his work bag.

After calling the police and reporting the incident, Jeff and his wife proceeded to cancel all their credit cards, and got new cell phones. That night, when he installed Lookout on his new Droid, Jeff was reminded that he had the Lookout application installed on his stolen Droid phone. Jeff went onto and logged into his account. He quickly saw that he had a few new pictures uploaded to his account. It appeared that the burglars who had broken into his house had snapped a few photos of themselves with his Droid camera back at their apartment! Jeff submitted the photos to the local law enforcement, one of which, recognized the thief in one of the pictures. The police officers found the suspect with Jeff’s stolen jacket and deemed that probable cause to arrest the thief. Jeff was lucky to get his jacket and keys (house, car, mailbox, etc) back, but unfortunately the laptop computers and cell phones were still missing.

Months later, Jeff received an email notification from Lookout saying that his phone had been located. He remembered that he had attempted to locate the stolen phone back in December, but the phone was not responding to Lookout. When he went online to check his lookout account again, he saw that his old Motorola Droid phone had been reactivated with a new phone number and, using the Lookout locate feature, found that it was in another town nearby! Jeff again turned over this information to law enforcement. Though the investigation is still ongoing, Jeff was grateful that Lookout was able to help him in his investigation to get his stolen property back!

Moral of the Story

“I’ve told all my friends and neighbors about this app and it was the first app they downloaded because they wanted to be protected. I recommend anyone who gets a new phone to download this app before they do anything else.”

Do you have a story to share?

Big thanks to Jeff for sharing his awesome story with us. Do you have a super story to share about Lookout? Has Lookout helped you find your lost phone in a trash can, catch a thief or protected you from downloading a bad app? If so, we would love to hear from you! Send your mobile memoir to If we select your story, you will receive an exclusive Lookout Super User t-shirt and get featured on our blog. Start sending those stories in!

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