October 13, 2010

Third Variant of SMS Trojan Found

Earlier today, a third variant of the “FakePlayer” SMS Trojan was detected. On August 10th, we covered the initial “FakePlayer” SMS Trojan release and gave a thorough overview of how the Trojan works. Approximately one month later the first variant was released (covered here) with minor changes.

This new variant only has two major changes compared to the previous ones:

1)      The “PornoPlayer” icon from the initial Trojan made a return

2)      The third variant sends an SMS message to two numbers: 7132 and 4161.

If you are interested in more details on how this Trojan works, or are worried you may be affected, you can refer back to our previous posts.  With the discovery of these new Android Trojans, it is important to pay attention to what you’re downloading. This app directly lists permissions to access “Services that cost you money” before you install. Stay alert to ensure that you trust every app you download and stay tuned for more details on this threat.

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