March 8, 2011

What To Do If Your Phone Is Infected with DroidDream Malware

If your phone was infected with DroidDream, we developed a cleaner app that you can download from the Android Market that will remove all instances of DroidDream from your device and patch any remaining damage.  You only need to download this app if your phone is infected or if you think your phone may still be infected with DroidDream.

How to get it

1)     Go to the Android Market website or open the Android Market app on your phone and search “DroidDream Cleaner”.  We published the DroidDream cleaner app under Lookout Labs.

2)     Download DroidDream Cleaner to your infected device.  If your phone was infected with DroidDream, it will automatically remove any remnants of the malware from your phone.  If you did not have DroidDream on your phone, don’t worry, downloading this app will not affect your device.

As we’ve previously mentioned, we recommend that you do not perform a factory reset— this may not rid your phone of all the DroidDream malware. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team.  They understand the DroidDream malware and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Email support@lookout[dot]com.

This app is not a replacement for Lookout Mobile Security, and will not detect or repair any other malware strains. Downloading the full version of Lookout is the best way to keep your phone safe from malware and spyware, back up your data, and locate, scream, lock, or wipe a lost or stolen phone.

  1. Ahmad Efeky says:

    Can’t get lookout,i donot find it in market.
    What is the harm of malware to my HTC-Desire,and evenif i download one of those prog.and uninstall it,still presence of harm?

    • Amy says:

      @Ahmed, thanks for reaching out. Yes, your phone could still be compromised if you downloaded an app infected with DroidDream malware. For extra assurance, you can download our cleaner app, “DroidDream Cleaner” that will remove all instances of the malware and repair any damages caused by it. The DroidDream Cleaner is available on the Android Market: If you think you may have downloaded one of the applications with malware and uninstalled it, the phone will scan your phone to determine if it was ever infected with DroidDream, and if was, the Cleaner will automatically repair any damage. Downloading Lookout is the best way to keep your phone safe from malware in the future, you can download Lookout on the Android Market:

  2. Jenelle says:

    I can’t get to my apps, I’m assuming it’s because my phone is now stuck in safe mode due to the virus. How do I run the cleaner if I can’t access it? Does it automatically run once downloaded?

    • Amy says:

      @Janelle, our support team will be happy to work with you to answer your questions and get your phone back and running properly. Please send an email to support[at]

  3. Ron Jones says:

    How would I know if I have DroidDream on My phone ?

  4. Michael says:

    I got an alert from lookout saying “Google Search (Enhanced) version 2.1 -update malware alert.. Classification:Trojan.Android.FakeGGSearch.a…..and it goes on to explain what it is and what it does and prompts me to uninstall it, and when I do, it says uninstall not successful. so what do i do now??

  5. Brian Noble (Lookout Support) says:

    @Michael, I’m sorry for the confusion. Our latest set of malware detection signatures went out to our users last night (August 8, 2012). Unfortunately it misidentifies the app “Google Enhanced Search” as the trojan ‘GGSearch’. If you’ve received this warning please ignore it – we will be shipping a new set of detection signatures in the next 24 hours, at the latest.


  6. ricky says:

    downloaded, but when i tried to scan. nothing happen and i hit the scan again and still nothing happen. why?

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