June 21, 2012

The Results Are In: We LOVE Our Smartphones!

Some might say that people are literally infatuated with their smartphones. And they might be right! Today we released our Mobile Mindset Study – a data-based exploration of our attachment to smartphones and the new behaviors our devices are driving.

We commissioned Harris Interactive to poll more than 2,000 Americans on how much they use, where they use and how they feel about their phones, and we uncovered lots of interesting trends.

We check our phones all of the time…

Our attachment to smartphones is driving quirky (and sometimes risky) habits…

We are emotionally affected when we lose our phones…

Tips for Smartphone Lovers

With smartphones being critical to your everyday life, there are a few basic steps we recommend for all the smartphone lovers out there:

  • Don’t lose it: Keep your smartphone in a zipped pocket or bag when you’re on the move and scan your area when leaving public places to make sure you don’t leave it behind
  • Keep your power: Make sure you charge your battery before you leave the house or keep a charger in the car – not only will it keep your phone alive, but it will help to track it down if you misplace it
  • Keep it safe: Download an app like Lookout for iOS or Android so you can find your phone if you lose it, lock & wipe your data if it cannot be recovered and backup your personal information

To celebrate the release of the study, we’ll be hosting some fun contests on our Facebook and Twitter pages – hop on over for a chance to win some cool prizes!


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  1. Pat Hayes says:

    Great data you pooled together here. I really enjoyed the distribution of stats as far as demographics go. Interesting to see how different age groups factor in. Smartphone addiction seems to be affecting everyone these days. Recently we’ve created a related infographic with the business travel demographic. They’re quite the mobile dependent bunch. Check it out here: http://www.pchousing.com/blog/968/pc-housing-infographic-mobile-dependence-a-growing-trend-in-business-travel

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