October 9, 2012

Lookout Introduces a New Look, With Some ‘Flare’!

We’re proud to announce that the newly redesigned Lookout Mobile Security app for Android is here! Our new Lookout update is available in English for our Free and Premium users in the Google Play Store!


We’ve been hard at work over the last few months rethinking every part of our app with a focus on trying to make smart additions that solve the next generation of mobile security threats. From the brand new interface, to the way we notify you of important security information, to added security protections, and a new way to find your lost phone (even with a dying battery!), the new Lookout is all about doing even more to protect your mobile life.

Lookout’s New Look
Clean and sleek, our new design takes advantage of the latest Android OS design conventions for a consistent, seamless experience that makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. 

Lost Phone + Dead Battery = No Problem

Dead batteries are a sad fact of mobile life these days. In fact, we found that 30% of people are unable to recover their lost phone because of a dead battery. At Lookout, we got “fired up” to solve this problem! Signal Flare is a first-ever capability that automatically flags your phone’s last known location when the battery gets really low, significantly improving your chances of getting your lost phone back.

Stay in the Know
We heard from you that you want to know all the ways that Lookout is protecting you, so we made it even easier to see all of that in one place. The Activity Feed is an intelligent dashboard that informs you of threats, keeps you up to date with your app downloads, data backups and security notifications — all so you always know when to take action and when everything is OK.

Designed to be battery friendly and lightweight, our new app is optimized for your life on the go so you can efficiently take action against security threats with just two clicks.

Protecting You Against Dialer-Based Threats

Recently, Lookout identified a new category of threat– dialer-based attacks that can wipe your personal information and your phone without your knowledge. In response, we built Safe Dialer as a first-of-its-kind, click-to-call protection. Safe Dialer scans every phone number you click to call from any website, alerting you if dialing the number might have unintended consequences, such as wiping the data off your phone instantly, without your permission. The best news is that with the latest version of Lookout, you are automatically protected against these threats.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the new experience, and we’re also working on bringing it to 10 additional languages soon. Check out all the new features by downloading Lookout from the Google Play store. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Yonel says:

    I thought, text backup would have been included in this upgrade….

  2. Ahasanul Haque says:

    Lookout do not have any extra feature for rooted android. That is huge con. in my book.

  3. Michael says:

    Thankyou lookout
    Your company has protected my smartphone well!
    Thanks again for your protection!
    Post by : Michael howell

  4. fozzie says:

    What the heck are you on about? Why should there be any extra features for a rooted device? Why is this a con?

  5. dim says:

    Why is it a con that they dont offer extra features for rooted phones? Surely it would be a con if all the best features only worked on rooted phones, or if all the features only work if you paid for premium. It would be a con if they said you had to be rooted and offered a £5 rooting service, only for you to discover that rooting added no extra features.

    A free app, that works on all phones including ones that arent rooted. Yup, what a total scam that is. :S

  6. Pah says:

    About the Signal Flare, it will record the lastest location before/when the bettary very low. however, if anyone moved or stolen the phone after the bettary dead or maybe take off the bettary from the phone, can lookout still located the phone is?

    • Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

      @Pah, your phone needs to have a network connection for Lookout to locate it. So that means when your phone battery is dead and the phone is turned off, there is no network connection that Lookout can use to communicate with your phone. This is why Signal Flare automatically saves the phone’s last known location when the battery gets low but there’s still a network connection, so you can have a fighting chance to get your phone back.
      best, RT

  7. William says:

    Dead batt feature is good and I like the log book but the price is still STEEP for month to month payment.

  8. I just wanted to pass along my gratitude to Lookout for giving me an even greater sense of security. I’ve just upgraded my smartphone and have been concerned with all of the sensitive info I’ve had to disclose because so many of the companies I do business with now have apps. And the fear of losing my phone is, or should I say was, even greater because of its value/cost. But I feel much better now with the Lookout improvements. Thanks, Lookout!

  9. Alex says:

    Loving the new look app. Signal Flare sounds like an interesting idea. What about password protecting the app so that if it falls into the wrong hands people cannot disable these options? (I suppose there is the screen lock for that but still, would add extra security)

  10. fred says:

    lookout needs to back up text messages sent and recd!!

  11. Ahasanul Haque says:

    @fozzie, hard reset/rom flash protection, have you ever heard of it? how about settings access protection? answer me this. the first thing a thief would do is a hard reset (or rom flash) to get a clean cellphone.

  12. Ahasanul Haque says:

    @dim, try avast android protection with anti-theft, you will know what I’m saying.

  13. Ahasanul Haque says:

    @dim, one more thing, if you are smart enough then you could do a little googling and LEARN how to root by yourself.

    • @Ahasanul, you’re right, it’s very easy to learn to root your Android phone. However, Lookout does not recommend ever rooting your phone, because it can put you at higher risk for encountering security vulnerabilities. For example, just last May, Lookout’s security team discovered Gamex Trojan concealed in repackaged versions of legitimate applications that require root access to the phone.

      In any case, thank you for contributing to the discussion, and thanks for your feedback on the new Lookout app.
      best, RT

  14. Donald K Joseph says:

    The problem with Lookout for locating a lost phone is the degree of accuracy of the location. When recently I went to find a lost phone, I found the radius covered from Camden where I teach across the entire Delaware River, a distance of maybe a mile to a mile and a half radius. It happened to at least allow me to figure it was at the school I teach at in Camden and not at my home in a Philadelphia suburb. But that leaves a vast area to be covered. With satellite mapping able to get to feet, an app that locates within a mile or more is not generally helpful.

    Please explain if there is something I am missing.
    Thank you,

  15. Oleg Kuzin says:

    From reading your descriptive copy, it is the NEW LOOK of Lookout that is of note. It is its Flair : distinctive and stylish elegance. The other
    Flair has a totally different meaning:

    1) a sudden burst of flame
    2) a shape that spreads outward
    3) reddening of the skin spreading outward from a focus of infection
    4) a sudden recurrence or worsening of symptoms.

    Does your company use an English proofreader?

    • @Oleg,
      It’s a pun on purpose because our new feature is Signal Flare and we think our sleek, stylish new app has a lot of flair. Get it? Get it? No? Darn! It’s a little bit of a gamble when puns are read rather than heard. Next time we’re funny with puns, we hope you’ll chuckle along with us!
      best, RT

  16. MaryCannon Apodaca says:

    Color me dense… I LOVE Lookout… Especially that my px are backed up…
    I’ve been curious about call backup and don’t really understand this.
    Are all calls to and frm my phone stored somewhere?
    Also, I’m not quite catching onto this Flare/Flair thing.
    Is this additional feature included in the Premium price coverage?

    • @MaryCannon
      If you have Lookout Premium for Android, you can see your backed-up call history when you log into lookout.com, then click on the “Backup” tab, then just below the tab, select “Calls.” It will show your call history with the number, when the call happened, and whether it was incoming, outgoing or missed. You can disable call history backup in your account settings.

      Also, Signal Flare is a FREE feature for all Lookout for Android users. Try it out a let us know what you think!

      best, RT

  17. will says:

    I have heard from sources above the general public that these new basic smartphones no matter what the brand or svc provider is that thy have some type of hardware within it that it can be found by police or other gov’t entity even if the battery is dead & taken out of the case which to me is cool if its lost or stolen but what if in the future you don’t wanna be located on this here grid but you don’t wanna have 2 chuck it somewhere away from your locale. Call me a conspiracist

  18. Sean says:

    I usually have my location switched off. Will Signal Flare automatically switch my location on to then work, or just not work ?

  19. Deon says:

    The first thing a thief does is immediately remove the battery and SIM from a stolen phone. Then they hard reset/flash ROM the device rendering any security software installed useless, regardless of the vendor.

    I have had a number of devices stolen and was never able to track the location afterward with security software including MyLookout.

    Is there not a way to protect against flashing the ROM?

  20. Ahasanul Haque says:

    I want to know one more thing. What about hard reset or ROM flash protection? If cellphone is flashed with a new ROM then lookout will be gone too.

  21. Ahasanul Haque says:

    Sorry but I forgot, will the locate command work if there is no internet connection?

    • @Deon, @Ahasanul: You’re right that pretty much any device can be factory reset, not just your smartphone. But when that happens, that will also wipe all your personal data as well, including logged-in access to apps like Gmail and Facebook, so the thieves won’t have access to it. (This is why Lookout Premium for Android also includes remote Lock and Wipe functionality. If you know your phone has been stolen for good, you can make sure thieves don’t get access to that data.)

      Also, regarding if Locate works without a SIM card or network connection, a device with Lookout installed on it can connect to our servers as long as it has a connection, cellular or Wi-Fi. So yes, we can Locate a phone without a SIM, but your phone does need a network connection. Check out more Locate, Scream, Lock & Wipe FAQs in the Lookout Support forum.

      best, RT

  22. Mick J says:

    I have a HTC Wildfire which by reputation has so many embedded apps that take up space on the phones memory that I regulary have insufficient space to upgrade my lookout app. Serious design error on what is otherwise a good phone. Any tips would be welcome.
    I love the security that lookout gives me and wish I could afford the pro for browsing.

  23. dbareis says:

    What would really “significantly improving your chances of getting your lost phone back” would be to periodically send the position at all times, particularly when connecting to a network after a period of time. When the battery is nearly flat is not the time to do it and you’d have to pray that at that time it had a network. The periodic update could probably be a network position or it could monitor GPS? and then store the GPS position that another app (like maps) requested (so no extra battery used by starting up GPS).

  24. Sharon Friedman says:

    I think my problem is not really solvable? it is great when I have mislaid my phone but last week my phone was stolen from my house –my first thought was to use Look Out to see where it was but once the phone is switched off (not sure i
    f sim card removal is part of the problem?) the phone was untraceable. Did try at odd times during the next few days in case had been switched on again but no luck. Would appreciate help here– I will need to remove the old phone details and redownload for the new phone?

    • @Sharon, that stinks your phone got stolen! If the phone is not wiped with a factory reset, then the next time your stolen phone connects with cell connection or WiFi, Lookout’s servers will get to work on locating your phone and then will send you an email with the location.

      In any case, it sounds like you got a new phone. Your Lookout account follows you, not your device, so when you download Lookout to your new device and open up the app, make sure to sign in with your old account details. If you’ve upgraded to Lookout Premium for Android, you’ll be able to transfer your backed-up data from your old phone to your new phone. Check out https://support.lookout.com for more detailed FAQs, and you can always email our support team, support[at]lookout[dot]com.

  25. John says:

    I am indeed Most Grateful(!) of this Magnificent Platform and all the people behind it.

    I had not realized how life-changing this platform was, until a few days ago that -for some reason- my HTC Desire HD decided to revert to its original factory settings, all by ITSELF!

    Suddenly I realized with terror, that ALL of my contacts had been DELETED! (Thank God I didn’t have anything else onboard)

    Thanks to Lookout, all of my contacts were restored exactly as they were saved on my phone, and I immediately signed up for Lookout Premium with my new Samsung Galaxy Note!

    God Willing, I Intend To Keep Lookout With Me, For Life.

    Keep Up The Magnificent Work, People!

    Million Thanks,

    John (Athens, Hellas)

  26. When someone writes an piece of writing he/she maintains the thought of a user in
    his/her mind that how a user can be aware of it. So that’s why this piece of writing is great. Thanks!

  27. Minna says:

    The application just works OK but it’s not reliable enough for me to upgrade to premium. Coming from an iPhone I am used to findmyiphone and that works great.
    Two family members, one being me, have the exact same android phone and we both installed lookout. When I try to locate our phones on the map many times it just shows an old location yet we are connected to data or wifi. I then trie Android device manager and after lookout can’t find it and google is able to locate the phones.

    Wondering if others have the same spotty, iffy performance.

  28. rachel says:

    my brother’s phone was stolen the other day. each time we call the number, it’s either turned off or sim was probably removed already. my fear is that the thief might have done a hard reset already. now my question is this, if it has been hard reset, and new sim card has replaced the phone, is there still a way to trace that phone? will i still receive pictures of the person who stole my brother’s phone?

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Rachel, sorry to hear about your brother’s phone. Check out our FAQ on Theft Alerts: https://faq.lookout.com/categories/21769760-theft-alerts

      We only send a picture when a thief performs one of our “trigger” actions (e.g. if the SIM is removed and when a new one is put in). Hopefully that helps. Please feel free to reach out to our support team as well and include the email address associated with your brother’s Lookout account. support [at] lookout [dot] com

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