October 17, 2012

Fake Security App

It was reported today that an allegedly malicious application distributed via Google Play was “designed to look like an update to the Lookout (TM) mobile security application.” The application in question, which is no way related to Lookout, poses a very low risk to mobile users. Although the app does contain a Lookout branded asset, it was not primarily branded as a Lookout-specific update. The only way that a user could confuse the application with Lookout is after installation.

Before downloading any app, we always recommend that people examine its description and reviews to gauge its credibility. We’ll continue to keep you posted as we learn more about this specific threat.

  1. jmb98115 says:

    “after installation?”

    that’s it; i’m never installing another app.

  2. Pinito Parra says:

    I have Lookout mobile premium security, and have lost my phone. I have not been able to find my phone using their locate button on there web site or activate the alarm. What is worse is I have not heard back from anyone at Lookout. I’ve left several messages to Lookout and gave them a friends number to call to reply and it has been more then 24 hours, and still no reply.

    • @Pinito, I’m sorry your phone is lost! Your phone needs a network connection (cell or WiFi) to send its location to Lookout’s servers. If your phone is off or has no location, but you’ve initiated a Locate from your Lookout.com account, then the next time your phone gets a connection, Lookout will email you with the most refined location information the system can calculate. More info on Locate in the Lookout Support Forum.

      You can also email our support team support[at]lookout[dot]com.
      best, RT

  3. Sean O'Malley says:

    Is there any more information on this fake lookout? I believe the app was already on the phone when I bought it and I have never used it but all of a sudden today I got locked out and cannot access my phone.

    • @sean, did you buy your phone new? If it’s a T-Mobile, then that should be the real Lookout pre-loaded onto it. One way to check– go to Google Play store, look at “My Apps” and tap on the suspected app to see its Google Play page. If the developer name is Lookout Mobile Security and it has 10-50 million downloads and 368K+ reviews, then that’s the real Lookout!

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