October 30, 2012

Signal Flare Comes to iPhone

At Lookout, we’re obsessed with giving you the best tools possible to find missing phones, even if you have a dying battery. That’s why we’re happy to announce that Lookout with Signal Flare is now available to download from the App storeWe launched Signal Flare for Lookout on Android a few weeks ago, and millions of people are already using it.

We created Signal Flare after learning that 30 percent of people say they could not recover their lost or stolen phone because of a dead battery. Anyone with a smartphone recognizes the red low battery notifcation indicating the eminent death of your battery. Signal Flare is the first and only way to help find your iPhone with a dead battery. If you lose your phone as your battery is about to die, Signal Flare flags your location at www.lookout.com so you can see where your phone was last, giving you a fighting chance of getting it back!

To see Signal Flare in action, wait for your phone’s battery to get really low, and then log into www.lookout.com and open the Missing Device tab to see your Signal Flare location.

If you already have Lookout for iPhone, go to the Settings page to enable Signal Flare.

This update also includes iOS 6 and screen optimizations for new iPhone 5s. For more on the latest Lookout iOS news and updates, stay tuned for our updates on Facebook or Twitter.

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