November 28, 2012

Browse with Chrome? Safe Browsing Has Your Back

Lookout Premium’s Safe Browsing now supports Chrome. Surf the web on your phone with confidence, knowing Lookout will protect you from unsafe links.

One of the major threats to your phone is clicking on a bad link that can steal your personal information. In fact, we found that over the course of a year, people in the U.S. have a 40 percent chance of encountering a malicious link on their phone.

Safe Browsing scans every link and website you visit, checking for phishing links and malware scams. If a site you want to visit is unsafe, Lookout notifies you immediately so you can you stop the site from loading.

If you don’t have a Lookout Premium subscription yet, Safe Browsing is a great reason to upgrade! If you already have Lookout Premium, make sure you have the latest version of Lookout (8.4) installed on your phone and that you have Safe Browsing enabled in your Settings — then you’re good to go!

For those of you who like to try before you buy, you can also sign up for our free, one-time Lookout Premium trial. Get all the benefits of Lookout Premium for 14 days with no credit card required!

Do you use Chrome to browse on your smartphone? Have you ever encountered an unsafe link?

  1. Rev B MacLennan says:

    Great improvements. I especially love the camera photo of someone keying in password incorrectly three times. The other features are ace as well. Thank you for always trying to improve without wasteful and ridiculous ideas. I’m a fan!

  2. C. J. says:

    When will the lookout sage browsing be available for the Samsung galaxy s7 edge?

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi C. J., sorry for the inconvenience! We are actively working on this. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our support team at support [at] lookout [dot] com.

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