December 4, 2012

Lookout Announces Partnership with Orange and its Expanding International Presence

Today, Lookout is pleased to announce an exciting partnership that will help keep more users safe around the world. Depending on the city, Europeans lose their mobile phones on average between once every two years to twice a year, and we think that’s just too often. Our friends at Orange, one of the largest mobile carriers in Europe, agree. Lookout and Orange have teamed up to protect Orange’s millions of mobile customers with Lookout Mobile Security. Beginning in 2013, Lookout Mobile Security will come standard on Android phones for Orange customers in France, the UK, Spain and Slovakia. And if you are one of the lucky ones to own a Sony Mint phone in France, you’ll find that Lookout Mobile Security is already on your phone – yes that’s the same phone that James Bond uses. Even 007 knows that security is important!

With Lookout, Orange customers can have the confidence to do more with their smartphones, and get peace of mind knowing they are protected no matter what they do. Whether it’s staying safe from bad apps, unsafe links, data loss or even finding missing phones, we’re helping Orange customers with a safer, more secure, mobile experience.

Lookout is growing—30 million people worldwide use Lookout to stay safe on their mobile device, and more than ever, security is top of mind for people around the world, not just in the U.S. This partnership with Orange underscores Lookout’s focus on international expansion. We’re one step closer to our goal of protecting every mobile device worldwide.

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