December 4, 2012

Lookout at LeWeb: the connected world

Lookout made a big splash today at the LeWeb conference in Paris, France with its news of a partnership with Orange, a leading telecommunications company with a strong presence throughout Europe. LeWeb’s focus this year is on the “Internet of Things,” the concept that in the next decade we’ll see a dramatic boom in connected devices beyond our current 2 billion web-connected devices (mostly mobile phones and tablets) to 10 to 50 billion connected devices that are web-enabled and also connect to massive streams of data. This is an awesome future to imagine…and one that isn’t not too far away.

Today at LeWeb, we saw the idea of “connected emotions” using brainwaves to control computer games and other digital operations. The folks at Nest (think iPod meets your thermostat) spoke about how in the next eight to ten years we’ll see interconnected devices evolve from things like the home thermostat and the car to sci-fi gadgetry like bloodstream nanobots.

There’s a very clear and obvious link to protection— a connected world needs connected security. When your car, HVAC and mind-reader become IP-address-carrying members of the Internet, we know that security and privacy are critical. In order for people to be empowered to use these devices, we must also ensure that the flow of precious data from these inventions is kept safe and secure.

Tomorrow at LeWeb, John Hering, CEO of Lookout, will be taking the main stage at 4:40pm CET, to talk about Lookout’s international expansion and how security comes into play with the “Internet of Things.” We’ll also have a special cameo by Paul-Francois Fournier, Chief Product Officer, leading innovation within Orange as well as Martin Bryant, chief editor at The Next Web. And if you’re not able to catch the event, you can watch the live stream on LeWeb’s site.

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