December 6, 2012

John Hering Takes the Stage at LeWeb Conference

Our smartphones know more about us than perhaps anyone or anything in our lives. John Hering, CEO of Lookout, took to the main stage at Le Web conference in Paris to talk about the current shift to a mobile centric world.

LeWeb, known as a Silicon Valley-meets-Europe tech event, was also the setting for Lookout’s announcement of a partnership with Orange, a leading European telecom, to roll out mobile security across Orange devices in Europe.

John explained how mobile is at the forefront of the theme of the event: “The Internet of Things.” “The center of gravity with web-enabled devices is mobile,” said Hering. “Be it my Nest thermostat or Jawbone, I use my mobile device—a tablet or phone—to synchronize and interact with all of this. All the data resides on the mobile device.”

The obvious question—how do we keep these devices secure and the information private? How do we provide for the security of the Internet of things?

“It’s less about the security of the Internet of things,” said Hering. “Hackers don’t care about what temperature your house is, they care about accessing the data and threatening that data. This is the component of security where Lookout will focus its efforts.”

John and the moderator, Martin Bryant, reporter at The Next Web, went on to discuss what excites him about these connected devices. “Broadband is everywhere. We already see what that means for mobile phones,” said Hering. Mobile ubiquity means that you can make the environment around you responsive to you and your surroundings all via in mobile devices. This lends itself to amazing opportunities for end-users.”

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