December 19, 2012

Old Phone Nostalgia

Last week, we announced that we had teamed up with companies across the bay area to collect old phones for Cell Phones for Soldiers.  Thanks to Twitter, LinkedIn, Hot Studio, Square, AirBnB, Pandora, Kiva, EA, Jawbone, and Github, we were able to collect hundreds of phones, equating to nearly 12,000 minutes of talk time for troops overseas!  Seeing all of these devices together left us with some old phone nostalgia, and we wanted to take you on a trip down memory lane as we donate these phones to a great cause.

Most of us at Lookout own smartphones that are rectangular shaped with a large touch-screen, but remember when…

  • Our phones had more than one physical button?
  • We knew our keypad so well that we could text without looking, even with T-9 predictive text?
  • Bigger wasn’t always better? (But seriously, some of these phones looked like Zoolander phones next to ours)
  • Our phone screens first got some color? And when we started to see cameras and phones all-in-one?
  • We flipped out for flip phones? And phones that opened every-which way – sliding up, down, left and right?

Plenty of people who donated their phone gave us their old charger, phone case, holster, bejeweled charms, and even the original box along with it.  This just reminds us how much we tend to personalize our devices, and how we become so attached to them.  So thank you to everyone who managed to part ways with their old phones – whether it was your pink RAZR or an old Nokia with your high score on Snake – and we hope that you were able to relive some fond memories before you said goodbye!

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  1. damelo says:

    … and so much personal information and data still on the phones.
    Before sending them to the troops are you deleting them all?

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