December 20, 2012

Lookout Crime Solver: Botswana

Last week, Lookout helped doctors in Botswana track down a stolen tablet and laptop that was carrying confidential medical information.

With assistance from the police team assigned to the case, Lookout led the chase to locate the missing devices. A successful trace of the tablet led the police and the victim to a crowded settlement in Botswana. The device accurately pinpointed the house, and the police team surrounded its three entrances. The victim set the device to scream, and waited for the sound of the alarm.

Just as the police were entering a suspect’s house, a woman came forth holding a bag that contained the screaming tablet and laptop among other stolen items.

The police were able to recover the device and the confidential medical information was retained.

We know that the information on your tablet or smartphone is personal. As we carry more and more of our most sensitive data around with us, Lookout’s mission is to secure every device wherever you are. We’re pleased to hear that the doctors in Botswana were able to find their device.

If you have a story about how Lookout saved the day, please email us at superusers@lookout[dot]com.

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