December 24, 2012

How to Manage Lookout on All Your Devices

If its wrong to own two smartphones, a Kindle, a tablet and two computers, I don’t want to be right.

Since I can’t live without them, I need to know they’ll be secure whenever and wherever I roam.

At Lookout, we’re working our way to protecting every device in the world and Lookout is available for devices on Android and iOS platforms including smartphones, iPhones, iPads, the iPad mini and now Kindles!

Here are the steps I take to manage my devices (up to two at a time with Lookout’s Free and Premium accounts):

First, make sure you have a Lookout account! You can sign up when you download Lookout on any device.

To add/manage new devices:

  • If you haven’t already, download Lookout on your new device from the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store. After you install Lookout, choose “Existing User” and enter your Lookout account information. This will add the device to your Lookout account.

  • You can also log into your account from your computer or tablet and click on the “Add a new device” button on the left-hand side. Then choose your country and enter your number and it will send a link to the device to download Lookout. The link will look like this:

If you want to change your devices:

  • If you’d like to change the devices Lookout is protecting, log into your account from your tablet or computer and click on the device you wish to deactivate on the left-hand side. Then click on the “Settings” tab, scroll to the bottom and click the blue text link “Disable Lookout for this device.” You can now add a new device to your account.

  1. Dottie Cybrynski says:

    Request app be developed for the Microsoft Surface. I’d like to add to my account but the device is not on the approved list. As the new upcoming tablet that is giving iPad a run for it’s money I’d think you would want to be one of the first security apps available.

  2. lookout user says:

    What about protecting Blackberry smartphones and/or tablets? Their Playbooks need coverage too. Do non-rooted devices need a firewall? Are they even effective? How can one ‘test’ their antivirus / firewall app?

  3. j.t. says:

    Thanks to lookout I would be I a lot of trouble.Thanks lookout.

  4. D.Flom says:

    Have had lookout on android phone for 2 years, no problems . Tried to add iPad, requests email and pass, put it in and says email is wrong! No it isn’t . Can’t get into,add device.

  5. Sunil singh bora says:

    Is it possible to find your lost phone?
    If yes then how?

  6. josh says:

    It just takes up too much space! Wish I Wish I could put it on my SD card

  7. Kinyanjui Njonjo says:


    1) If an android device is stollen with lookout app already installed and then sim card is changed, Is lookout still able to locate the phone?

    2) Does installed lookout app on the device able to stop a hard reset?

    Please advice on the above issues as my devise has been stollen!

  8. Janet Chaney says:

    I have been a paying customer for 2 years and just learning I can add 2 other phones to my service. Can you help me figure out why I am unable to get to the link as explained above? When I click on your hyperlink, it takes me to a page – but the page is blank (no words, graphics, etc). Thank you for any advice you could provide.

  9. Luther Kling says:

    I don’t have my old phone anymore and have a different number. I want to add my new phone i already have my tablet. It says about a limit full. What can I do

    • Cherie Vargas says:

      Hi Luther – Please contact support[at]lookout[dot]com. They will be able to lend you a hand! Thanks for reaching out.

  10. aaron busby says:

    please see customer support request # 805219. really, REALLY need help getting a list of pings from before the phone’s battery gave out…

  11. Patrick says:

    my problem is that my old device that was taken is now being used by someone else and i need to add it but not my numnter how do i go about doing that? i have the IMEI# and stuff idk

  12. John says:

    It would be fantastic if Lookout had some options available for customers who own more than three devices that we would like to have protected by Outlook. As tablets become more popular, some with a dedicated purpose, it is not uncommon for people to have more than three devices. I have contacted Lookout about this before, and received the standard response that I would need to remove a device from my account if I needed to register another.

    Lookout – focus more on customer satisfaction and retention. The only option presented to me was not an option, so moving to another company/product seemed to be the only other reasonable action to take, unless I wanted to manage multiple accounts or possibly multiple products. Work to keep us before we go elsewhere.

  13. Deleecha says:

    It tells me that I have reached my limit for this app.

  14. 16UE says:

    I have 8 devices, five phones and three tablets. I never understood why Lookout imposes the two device per account limit on your users. I hope Lookout will open up to support unlimited number of devices. Most app stores (Google Play, Amazon App Stores) support more than 2 devices for each account.

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      We love to get user feedback. If you’d like to reach our support directly, please feel free to email the team: support [at] lookout [dot] com

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