December 25, 2012

Lookout now available for Kindle Fire!

Just in time for all those new toys to be unwrapped, you can now get Lookout Mobile Security – and all of the essential protections you have come to know and love – free for your Kindle Fire HD!

Available in English, Lookout is optimized for your new Kindle Fire device, with all of the free Lookout services you have come to know and love.

With Lookout for Kindle, you can:

  • Detect and remove viruses and spyware that can hide in apps and other downloads, like your email attachments
  • Find your Kindle on a Google Map when you log in to
  • Make your Kindle SCREAM to find it nearby, even if it’s on silent
  • Locate your Kindle, even if your battery is dying! You can automatically see its last known location at to give you the best chance of finding it.
  • Save an extra copy of your contacts and access them from You can also restore these contacts to your Kindle device if anything goes wrong.
  • Just like with Lookout for Android and Lookout for iOS, you can manage your Kindle device from your account at

Download Lookout for Kindle today by visiting the Amazon App Store or by searching in the Kindle Fire app store on your Kindle device.

And remember, whether you’ve just received a new iPad, Android device, iPhone or Kindle Fire, Lookout supports two devices with any Lookout account. Make Lookout your first download and keep all your favorite devices safe this year!

  1. jerry says:

    i found my phone thats great the sound on my phone was not as loud as i was thinking that it would be but it located my phone thank you vary much

  2. Cynthia says:

    There are other versions of Kindle fire. Why is it that Outlook only has it for Kindle HD? I have it on all of my devices except my kindle. Anyone know of a way to protect my kindle?

  3. Kit says:

    Why is the email veto cation page in Chinese or Korean?

  4. The Electronic Domain says:

    Good information to know. I have never heard of Lookout, thanks so much.

  5. Lynn Kline Cook says:

    Why doesn’t this work on the new Kindle Fire HD? Says it’s not compatible. Is there a new version coming soon? I a just praying my son doesn’t misplace his. Thanks!

  6. If i lost my kindle and didn’t have this ON it. Can I load it on my phone and find my kindle or does have be loaded on my kindle before it’s lost?

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Sorry, unfortunately, you’re going to have to have Lookout on the Kindle — or any of your devices — ahead of time.

  7. gavin harper says:

    I got my kindle fire stole. Could i use lookout to find it?. An if it does. Would the phone pin point where it is?. An could i find it.

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Gavin, sorry to hear about your Kindle Fire. If it had Lookout on it prior to being stolen, you can track it by logging into your account and locating the device. Feel free to reach out to our support team — support [at] lookout [dot] com — if you have any problems.

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