December 27, 2012

How to tell if your phone has been hacked [UPDATED]

Man using cell phone

We all know that smart devices are pretty clever these days, but does your smartphone or tablet seem to have a mind of its own? If you suspect that it does, it may be infected with mobile malware.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to identify if your device is impacted:

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.02.13 AM Is your phone acting out of the norm? If your phone starts interrupting you with obtrusive advertising, sending text messages by itself your phone might be compromised. Malware is written to secretly control your device, and malicious apps have loose permissions that allow them to control more aspects of your device than it seems.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.10.05 AM Are you noticing odd app icons on your phone? Some malware installs further applications to a device, which can be benign or malicious. If you notice any odd app icons on your phone, delete the app. If it’s an app you really think you want, you can always download it from an official app store just to be safe.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.10.11 AMIs your phone locked and demanding money to unlock it? It might seem like an obvious one, but there is a type of malware called “ransomware” that will lock down your device and demand you pay up in order to get access again — holding it ransom. It oftentimes locks the device with an image from a familiar government agency, such as the FBI or CIA, or uses other scare-tactics to get victims to pay.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.10.17 AMDid you recently accept an application download you didn’t prompt? Sometimes sneaky emails and text messages will trick you into downloading applications you didn’t intend to download. If you recently accepted a prompt to download an app, you may want to check if the text message or the email was really from the person or company you thought it was from.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.10.26 AMNotice unfamiliar charges on your phone bill? A lot of us ask this question anyway, but it’s a good idea to regularly check the charges on your phone bill. Are there small but significant charges on it that you don’t recognize? Some malware is programmed to send paid SMS messages that get charged to your phone bill and deposited into the bank account of the malware writer.

What should I do?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, you can check if your phone has malware by using Lookout to check for any malicious applications. You can download Lookout for free from from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Lookout will tell you if your phone is infected by a malicious application so you can delete it and get your phone back to normal.

You should also follow these simple tips to keep your mobile experiences safe and sound:

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.02.13 AMKeep the software on your device up to date. Malware authors design their malicious apps to take advantage of weaknesses in the software running on your device. By keeping that software up to date, you minimize your risk of being a victim of malware.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.10.05 AM Don’t download apps from third-party marketplaces. In the case of mobile apps, its always best to use official app stores, such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you want to minimize risk of encountering malware, don’t download from random download sites you haven’t heard of before.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.10.11 AM Be careful where you click. Some malware comes embedded in drive-by-download website links, SMS messages, spoofed emails, etc. that may automatically download a malicious app to your device without your prior approval. Safe Browsing in Lookout Premium will warn you of malicious sites.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 11.10.17 AM Download a mobile security app to protect you. Downloading a security app, like Lookout, that has app and link scanning capabilities will help you be safer and better protected on your mobile device.

  1. Glenda Hunt says:

    What are some mobile security apps to download that you reference in #4?

  2. Carole says:

    So what do I do if I have Lookout Mobile Security Premium and I am getting symptoms like you describe?

  3. natalie says:

    Hi Carole, thanks for commenting. You can simply do a security scan using the Lookout App on your phone. If Lookout doesn’t find any malware, then your phone is safe. If it does find malware on your phone, it will give you directions on how to uninstall it.

  4. erica pierre says:

    my boyfriends phone has been hacked and all his pictures and contact are gone. he believes the person go into his lookout account. he would like to speak to someone from lookout. is there a phone number he can call at lookout.

  5. Jim says:

    Hmm , I thought Lookout was the cats meow of droid protection but it seems that an app I downloaded (yes through the play store) allowed a mobile search app onto my phone and now the webpage I was viewing the other day just changed to something else . I could not back out of it either . This phone is way more trouble than either my windows phone or iphone ever was . Samsung S3

    • Laura Mesa says:

      Hi Jim – Thanks for writing in to let us know. The app you downloaded sounds like it might have had that app hidden in there — can you tell me which one it was (the one you meant to download) and we can see if we’ve flagged it internally as adware or some other type of malware. I’d recommend removing both apps from your phone as quickly as possible and going into Lookout and asking it to do a security scan both before you uninstall and afterwards. If you want more help, please feel free to email us at

  6. Yolanda says:

    I know that my phone is been hacked for the reasons you gave plus some more. I have a nokia C7. Any application that I can use to scan my phone?

  7. Leland says:

    If my Lookout account and personal information on my cell phone (text messages, photos, phone numbers, e-mail, etc.), will Lookout cooperate with authorities and Law Enforcement to assist in holding people who unlawfully access my personal information accountable?

  8. vinay says:

    hello ….only smart phones can be traced???? or even nrmal phones also can be traced ????

  9. Adesoga Yinka says:

    Hello, whenever my phone rings sometimes if i am late to pick the call, the phone picks itself and i hear some strange voices conversing and within few seconds it cut off may be they noticed they are already caught. please i need a code or solution on how i can go about it

  10. Chris says:

    I recently received a text from someone I used to work with but was never really “Friends” with. It had a Vcard on it that I did not click on. I use Handcent for texting so it popped up a message on screen. I aslo of course run Lookout. My Phone IS rooted and is running Droid Wall Firewall and Super User.
    My Question is could that Handcent popup have had a virus or trojan attached to it and would lookout have spotted it?

    Thank You,

  11. nikki says:

    My mom is telling me that i call her and is sending her random text sms but it wssnt me can i say for certain that my phone is hacke im very concern

  12. Rachel says:

    Well my phone kept deleting the alarm I have on it, controlling itself, and going on the internet, turning itself on and off, and when I download lookout, it didn’t work, or find anything wrong with my phone…

  13. Hi Lookout Mobile Security and Antivirus (Plan B),

    I have been using your Mobile/Tablet Security Software when I have an Apple Tablet. Now I also have a Windows Device. I hope you can develop Lookout Tablet/Mobile Security into it.
    ~ Private Person.

  14. Chris Zombolo says:

    I was wondering if you are able to hack a phone or remotely control a phone with just the phone number? If this has happened will lookout pick up on it

  15. Allie says:

    Someone has been harassing me telling me they have some of my (very compromising) pictures. I honestly don’t know how they got it. I did not have them in my cell phone. Yet they keep texting my friends telling them stuff I’ve only sent through my phone. Is there a way I can stop this? I already download the lookout security antivirus but it doesn’t seem like it’s working! Help! I’m desperate!

  16. James says:

    How do you know if one of your messenger applications has been hacked ??? Such as What’s App ???

  17. Anonymous says:

    I recently downloaded an apk file off of sms-bomber’s site. Well lookout scanned it, nothing bad detected. Avast scanned it, and it found “a possible unwanted app” and I looked at the apps permissions but it just said it would access network and my connection as in Wi-Fi I guess, I’m not too savvy on what certain permissions do our mean. But it was still better than other downloaded app permissions so I downloaded it. I used it to bomb a friend’s phone with messages, and Avast shut it down, so I ran the app on Avast ” allow to run for 15 minutes ” button and the only thing I saw that was strange es that on the top of my android, I saw a constant flash of like a program trying to open them close. I couldn’t read the title in the drop down, but I could see the icon image. It was a gray rectangle, with a white border, and a blue squiggly line rubbing through it. What is that? So I run back to Avast and run a scan for everything, apps and files. It find the app, and said malware, I deleted it. Scanned again. Nothing. Shut my phone off, then power on. Same rectangular box and constant jittering. Run a scan and Avast finds a file and says malware. I delete it. I run lookout and it finds nothing. Avast is now saying all is clear. Am I safe? Or do I need to take another measure to ensure no one can look Saft me through my camera, because now I feel like pouring dock tape on my beautiful HTC one’s cameras. Please reply! I’ll add the websites link so your page can better look at what did. The file was their 1.1 version of sms- bomber.

    Their website.

    I’ve checked my bank accounts and nothing wrong, so far. I’ll check other things just in case.

  18. mssp says:

    I am having a Zopo chinese device which runs android 4.2.1 and when I scanned my device with Lookout ,after scan It tells me that ADWARE found with CONTACTS and PHONE both of them being SYSTEM SOFTWARE which I cant uninstall..
    why it says like that and what should I do now ???

  19. Hey! Quick question that’s totally off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly?
    My weblog looks weird when browsing from my iphone.
    I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to correct this
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  20. Sara says:

    Hi, my phones been acting up like I would get kicked off my apps and even masgz and some how when I go listen to a song it would mute without me doing so just been cray cray plz help. Did someone hack into? Is that even possible?

  21. spryboyy says:

    Can lookout anti-virus work for Lumia 520 windows phone?; if not I hope there is any anti virus application software for windows phone

  22. Mark Cruz says:

    This is an old post, but I found some signs here, which shows my Android phone is hacked. I have learned by reading another blog post also, in which they have shown the 6 signs to know that an Android phone is hacked. Both yours and that blog helped me a lot and now I know that my phone has really been hacked. I read some signs here-

  23. Daniella says:

    Help, my phone is loosing battery fast and it vibrates a lot . It also sometimes when I get off an App then the screen said I opened the app again (tapped it) but I didn’t. It goes on back and forth!!! I close a app it reopens I close it again and it reopens until finally it stops. Anyway I don’t want to download this website for security purposes but is there any other way I can get this to stop besides changing my password cause I already tried that and it still doesn’t work!! Please help

  24. kimberly zacarias says:

    My moms phone its acting weird she gets the pictures of somebody that use to have her phone but she said that she doesn’t have the old persons SD card on the phone she haves hers but her pictures that my mom toke they don’t show up its just shows what the other person toke two days ago

  25. dolly balderas says:

    Im really scared becuase i have a stoker and i got this phone call by a number out of the where im at and i picked up they asked for me and i lied said wrong number i do not know from where they called me and they kept calling i blocked that number but ever since that number called me a red dot next to my camera tured on and that has never been there befor and when my phones screen turns off the red dot turns on i want to know whats going on please someone let me know

  26. Perry says:

    I am wondering if you can tell me if my phone has been hacked, I have found a process in the ALL category with TASKKILL and unable to disable or uninstall it… If you can email me back I can send you a picture of it, I am unable to find anything ib the web regarding this proves. I have tried several security apps but they find nothing.. I hope to hear from you soon..



  27. David Cole says:

    Hi, my LG Optimus F3 comes with Lookout installed and i use it often. My device has begun to perform very poorly with terrible battery life and slow loading and I assumed that my phone was simply on its way out. I trusted your security system but when my phone started sending messages by itself and randomly opening apps your system still informs me that i am safe. I am very doubtful and disappointed and I hope you can help me regain safety and restore my confidence.

  28. octavia says:

    Hi I have been receiving strange text messages that are of letters and numbers from weird numbers they look like ” tojhgu64287hyge773h7h ” and then a link at the bottom leading to a blank page I have received 3 so far Any ideas what this might be?

  29. steve says:

    I’ve had all these problems only the hacker used lookout as its cover so i never knew nor would it show when i ran its scan, so i used other scans an thats how u found out , doing alittle research i believe it is a software thats being used but how do i stop it ? They have control of every thing that is Google related it seems????

  30. Rich says:

    My samsung S4 is constantly unresponsive. And most of the time when i play music or watch any type of videos on Facebook, It freezes and i would have to restart the phone to get it to work. There would be no sound at all after the phone has be froze. I reset the phone and the same problem still occur. can you tell me what might be the problem or how to fix it?

  31. Jo says:

    My phone has started acting crazy and was just looking for some advice. It acts like it is being controlled by someone else, scrolling through different apps, checking Facebook, highlighting comments, changing wallpaper, opening google maps and pinpointing locations and addresses I’ve never searched and then in the early hours of this morning, accessing deleted messages on Facebook without me even touching it. Is there a way to determine if a specific person is accessing my phone remotely?
    Thank you, any help would be appreciated.

  32. adam says:

    i have been stalked for over 4 years changed phones and numbers amd yet someone still has access to my phone.. can read txts word for word and whatsapp. they hack my facebook even wiv login security etc.
    i have all the security stuff on and nothing. my bat goes quick sum days and i have had all my txts deleted randomly when im about to go to police. please help and advise

    • Moni says:

      I as well have not only changed my number but gone through 5 phones in less than a year! Every phone i get within days has issues with text being sent I’ve not sent .. I have reports saying from argus which I’ve just caught onto! PhD files dwn loading sites I visit! I’ve had to make 4 facebooks .. My passwords are always changed.. Charges on credit cards my accounts that u had to dispute… My ex has PhD in software development.. He can hack anything whenever he wants! 4 yrs of my life watching my phone have things pop up as almost he wanted me to know he could reach out and touch me whenever he chooses! Someone with deep mental issues has phone changing my email password my fb being locked out.. Then I have these sites that from what they say trust e something oh other sites that seem to work for companies collecting information for even legal cases! Can anyone tell me is there software hacker geeks that have a sorda Cyber Private I work? Is there a company to where they actually even have cars follow and do idk what but often I’m always running into the same people at all the locations I go ..and they just stand around on the phone as idk .. I tell people I literally am always running into these same people all the time say in a store they but nothing but go in store with but nothing then leave is there companies out there that do this

  33. Aaron says:

    If someone tries to install a spy ware on my phone, will lookout catch it?

  34. vic a says:

    While playing wordfeud someone posted a pic of them of a pic I have on my phone. How did they do that, it’s creepy and I blocked them. But how do I keep it from happening again? I have an android

  35. sagnik says:

    I received a phone call at 4 am it felt strange since it was an unknown no after the phone call my cell actes wierdly and the craziness happened quite fast it took a screen shot of its ram and tge starte pausing and playing different songs was it hanged or was it hacked kindly answer should I block thw no as nobody is picking up no matter how much I try calling

  36. Jane says:

    I really would appreciate some help.

    My device was given to me by an ex, I believe it was his previously, or belonged to someone he knew. Basically, the phone was not new when I was given it.

    There is an app on my phone called “SuperUser” and have been informed that this is responsible for messages which keep flashing on my screen. These messages read “Shell has been granted superuser permissions”.

    I have been told all sorts of malicious stories, about spyware and hacking, and would just like to know the reality of what this is about. I have since rebooted the phone and the messages do not appear any more.

    Thank you.

  37. Jane says:

    p.s. my phone is a samsung galaxy 3

  38. What can I do If my phone was Compremized for years before in 06 through a relative that works at the bank. This is being done illegally through my basic phone how do i stop their illegal availabilities. I want to stop this today.

  39. hardy says:

    My chats and private pictures on different apps on my phone are been seen n read by someone who has started threatening me. has my phone been hacked into? what can I do?

  40. Terry Dubisky says:

    My boyfriend bought me a new phone . I feel like he may have had a spy app on it. It came via USPS. I researched these a ops, and it seems simple and inexpensive enough. How possible is this?

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Terry, if you have a security app such as Lookout installed, it should alert you to the presence of spyware or surveillanceware on the device.

      Hope that’s not the case!

  41. sahiru says:

    My fb app often closes by it’s own. And my battery drains too fast . Dunno wots wrong with my phone :-/

  42. Cat says:

    I believe my significant other has downloaded some form of a spying program. I know he has before as when I went through my files, I found it. This time however I think he downloaded a better one as I can’t find it. Will lookout be able to detect something of this sort?

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Cat, Lookout does detect spyware and surveillanceware threats! If you’re worried it’s something we’re not catching please email support [at] lookout [dot] com and include the email address associated with your Lookout account.

  43. Juan says:

    My phone sometimes restarts itself when I am playing games or using facebook. Is it some type of malware or is it (my guess) too much for the CPU to handle. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Light

  44. Teresa Olsen says:

    My phone has been acting funny and a couple weeks ago there are a bunch of numbers that just popped. Up over my toolbar. Then I had add pop up and said virus. Then for some time now I haven’t been able to get my passwords to work. I had ur app. Download. Then key lock security app. Pops up.
    I had some guy txting me on facebook.then he was just txting my phone. I don’t know how he got my number. He asked me for ssc # asked if he cld transfer money to my username for facebook.of course I didn’t furnish any information. Could ur lookout find if anything was hacked?

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Teresa, sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Would you please email our support team and include the email address associated with your Lookout account? support [at] lookout [dot] com

  45. Nolie says:

    My phone’s camera eye has been hacked into. I know who did it but i do not have proof. I believe a GPS device was put into my trunk. I left my phone home one time when I took a drive in my car. my husband said my phone was making noises while i was gone but i had no text messages & my e-mail was not up. I looked in my trunk, but I have a lot of stuff I store in my trunk so i could not find it. I believe I know who did this & I would like to know how to track down this person so I can prosecute. Also, I have had apps that immediately close after I open them .Also My data use is being used up much faster. 2 Gigs used to be plenty for me but now I keep using it up fast. I feel like i am being tortured & I cannot continue to put up with this.

  46. Jame says:

    I keep breaking up with my IT bf because I suspect he’s been secretly hacking into my devices. Photos are rearranged on my phone and after many minutes of not touching it I’ll unlock my phone that somehow directs me right to a picture of him. Thought nothing of it at first but it happend a few more times. He did tell me he hacks for a living but doesn’t do it often. We live 3,000 miles away and he never seems to usually ask what’s up or is very curious of what I do. He also is very adamant about security himself. Uses a lot of it for his home and never saves pictures I send of me to his phone. Just puts them on his computer. Not sure what to believe but knowing he’ll probably never fess up I ended our relationship. Just how does my phone while it’s off go right to my albums, not even the first one, and direct me right to his picture? THREE TIMES I guess I’ll never know. Probably since this gut feeling is so strong, I’ll probably have to get a new phone to make the suspicious go away. Or does all he need is my phone number to get in? Not sure how he did this. I wish I had the answers.

  47. Jose says:

    Do hackers need spyware to access your phone

  48. jordan says:

    Hi, my name is jordan and I believe some one has been remotely controlling my phone for almost a yeaR! It would swipe on its own, noise coming from it, when I put it in sleep mode the screen comes back on as though still active. They have actually used and downloaded apps onto my phone! Apps such as snapchat,snap chat third party apps, kik, badoo, spyware etc and I tried over and ober to delete them but they just kept coming back. My emails were all compromised and I no longer have a yahoo account as they deleted it from my own device! Pictures, bank information, personnal details have all been used. They set up a dating accou t in my own name and spent money from my bank account on it! Can anyone help me with this and i didnt even believe it to b3 possible!!

  49. jordan says:

    Hi, my phone is being remotely controlled. They have access to all my apps and all my personal data and bank accounts. IVe seen my phone move on its own. The screen is constsntly active snd they have completely compromised my emails, photos personal data, eveyrthing. What do I do!

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Jordan, please reach out to our customer support team. Hopefully they can help figure out what’s going on here. support [at] lookout [dot] com

  50. anthony says:

    hi my name is amp i left my phone in a coworkers car and now he tells me what all my texts say,my recent location and all how can i stop this?

  51. liz says:

    If I get a text that has a little blue rectangle next to persons name, can that b an indication of hacking? How can I check if a particular person hacked me or is intercepting my texts

  52. kat says:

    Is the lookout app free? My phone has been acting cray cray and I want to scan it. But i dont want to pay to download an app because ill have to enter my card info. Which obviously if its been hacked I want to avoid.

  53. norr says:

    Hi there, do you think I should download Lookout on IOS also (Iphone) or theres no need for it as it should be secure enough? (is it only for Android or recommended for IOS also?)

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi there, we have an iOS product and, of course, we do recommend iOS users consider security as well! No platform is perfect.

  54. lamarcus says:

    Does this app protect me from getting my messages read from hackers and calls looked at?

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Lookout detects a many mobile threats that can perform these functions, namely surveillanceware and spyware.

  55. Anonymous says:

    I suspect someone is trying to see my text messages through a spy website will lookout detect if someone has been spying even after getting the app ?

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Lookout does detect variants of surveillanceware and spyware and can scan the device for this kind of threat even if Lookout has been installed after the threat was installed!

  56. alan manis says:

    I had lookout installed, all my email accounts were taken over. my camera comes on all the time. I have done a complete factory reset many times.I called ATT for help. All they could say was to leave it in safe mode. That didnt help. I found a few Ants apps n web cam app i didnt install. I’m having no luck uninstalling. They keep sending me downloaded documents. What can i do to stop this? Getting very frustrated. They also hi jacked my tablet 2.
    Any help would be great,
    Thank You, if i have this email now i would be surprised.

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Alan, sorry to hear you’re having trouble! Would you please get in touch with our support team? support [at] lookout [dot] com. Please include the email address associated with your Lookout account. You can also get in touch with our security team at: malware [at] lookout [dot] com.

  57. Becky says:

    I am trying to download spyware protection.unable to think I have a virus on phone.what can I do..if not able to download protection

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Becky, if you’re a Lookout user, we will alert you on spyware on your phone! If you have trouble downloading, please reach out to support [at] lookout [dot] com

  58. priti says:

    I am very much sure that my cell phone has been hacked, and i know the people who did this but i cant go and tell them not to do this. I am very much scared about my phone. I need your help, please fix it asap

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi there, sorry to hear that! Please reach out to our support and hopefully they can help figure out what’s going on here. support [at] lookout [dot] com

  59. Andrew says:

    Hi think my phone has been hacked and someone has been sending pizzas to my work address and now I’m worried I’m going to get into trouble as the police are now involved. What can I do.

  60. Andrew says:

    My phone has been hacked and someone has been getting pizzas ordered to Mywork. They have now asked the police to investigate. I’m worried I’m going to get arrested should I come clean to work and explain the situation.

  61. Amy says:

    Last week I noticed on my phone that Facebook was stopping a lot and it’s been really hard to use the keyboard it just types whatever it wants. This morning I open my calculator and there was a message saying “Thank you for accepting my friend request Amy.”

  62. Michael says:

    This is a very serious incident that had just recently occurred and I hope someone will be able to assist me with what had happened as soon as possible. I received messages from my girlfriend asking me to call her with WeChat a chatting app, and I did so and after doing so the call was answered but the camera was covered so I could not see anything only hear. What I heard was not my girlfriend but some guy that I have no idea who it was. What I heard the guy saying and doing… It is in everyones best interest not to know. Anyways unsure of what was going on I ended up calling her cell phone. Again there was an answer but it was that same guy as before and making the same noises and etc as he had before on Wechat. After this I had thought the worst possible and then I tried very hard to find out if she was ok. Even if I were to talk the guy on the other end would not respond and would just continue what he was doing which I will not mention. Eventually I ended up hanging up again and then tried calling her back a few minutes later. However now the person no longer answered the call and I continued trying for hours. Finally there was an answer after a few hours and this time it was my girlfriend. I sent her a lot of messages during this time and was in a panic so she asked me what was wrong. I explained to her the situation and she said she never answered the phone nor did she accept a video call. During this time she was sleeping, however she sent me a few pictures indicating that both the video call and phone call was shown on her phone as well. The only thing that was not were the messages saying to call her in the first place. Is it even possible for someone to hack someones phone and do this? Or is my girlfriend lying? I am really freaking out now and I am not sure if her phone had been hacked or someone broke into her house while she was sleep or that she is lying. Any response would be greatly appreciated!

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Michael, that sounds very strange. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what’s going on here, but if you think her phone might have been impacted by malware, please feel free to reach out to malware [at] lookout [dot] com.

  63. Kevin says:

    My galaxy s5 active randomly started making a high pitch screetch, and it wouldn’t stop. I ended up shutting my phone off. It hasn’t happened again. I was just wondering if you knew enough to tell me when someone might be trying to currently access my phone in the moment. I have security and it is encrypted. So I doubt anything is at risk, but I want to figure out if that was a sign of my phone being hacked or binged.

  64. Bonnie says:

    My iPhone 5c is starting to freak me out. Yesterday, someone posted a photo onto my facebook through my account and I found extra people I “followed” when I didn’t on Instagram. Then today I found 2 photos that I deleted yesterday posted onto my Instagram. HOW? WHAT DO I DO?

  65. Sean says:

    My phone is unfixable, some random chimese text appears on my phone evry 30 seconds, i tried to uninstall the chinese app but my phone rebooted on ita own!!! Wtf! I tried to install antivirus but the malware keeps on blockong the installation

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hey Sean, would you send an email with some details about what you’re experiencing to malware [at] lookout [dot] com?

  66. gemma says:

    Please someone reply. suprised if this message can mobile,home wifi and all the other gadgets at home have bern hacked and someone is changing the pages,speed settings,bluetooth DAILY. i cant reset the phone fully,the old apps and default settings wont budge.there mainly dated 1.1.1970 HELP PLEASE

  67. Fred says:

    I recently received six confirmation code text messages from Facebook. However, Facebook does not have my phone number

  68. Roseann says:

    I’m hearing loud beeps while on calls on my cell phone. It sounds like someone trying to dial a number.

  69. Hope Praise says:

    Yes these are accurate tips to keep my mobile phone free from hackers.

  70. Tammi Carroll says:

    Hi! My boyfriend thinks his phone has been hacked! He has an iphone 6 plus. He says his Facebook is acting up and porn sites keep popping up with highlighted messages! He received a couple of calls from which we researched and they were spoofed numbers, however we did not answer these calls! Also have received text messages from 5 digit numbers. What do we do? He’s afraid of pictures and information being compromised! Thank you!!

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Tammi, sorry to hear that! If you think he’s encountered malware, feel free to reach out to our security team: malware [at] lookout [dot] com

  71. Jessica says:

    I just found out my bf hacked my WhatsApp. What do I do? Am I the only one who thinks it’s a terrible invasion of privacy? What do I do now?

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Jessica, sorry to hear that. You may already have one, but we always recommend people use and pin or passcode on their device and not share that information with anyone. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team at: support [at] lookout [dot] com

  72. Allen says:

    i have some private files here in my cp and when i delete it i found that there is some pics that have been transfer to another folder.. please.. please.. help me..

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Allen, sorry to hear you’re having some trouble. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what’s going on here. Would you please reach out to our support team? support [at] lookout [dot] com

  73. Ali Butt says:

    my mobile some video not show in gallery. i think my some video hacked
    this is possible or not ??

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Ali, sorry to hear that you’re missing some videos! I’m unfortunately not sure why some are not showing up in your photo gallery. If you think you’ve encountered malware, feel free to reach out to our security team: malware [at] lookout [dot] com

  74. karlmack says:

    My phone is acting strange, i noticed the moment i woke up it was using private browser ( that was the site , my wifi was on the whole time i was sleeping but i can clearly remember put it on homescreen before i decided to sleep. Notice it 2-5times already.
    Is it possible that my phone was being hacked or idk what you gonna call it, but my phone is using the private browsing alone,when i am asleep. Pls help.

    • Meghan Kelly says:

      Hi Karl, sorry to hear that. I’m not sure what’s going on here. If you think you’ve encountered malware, please feel free to reach out to our team: malware [at] lookout [dot] com.

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