January 20, 2013

Lookout Discusses Expanding in Europe at DLD 2013 Conference

John Hering took the stage today at DLD 2013 Conference in Munich. If you’re not familiar with DLD, the event is best described as the TED of Europe, where design meets science alongside technology, art and seemingly crazy  ideas.

Joined by Rene Obermann (CEO of Deutsche Telekom), Klaus Hommels (well-known European angel investor) and Diane Brady (Senior Editor at Businessweek), Hering and the panel discussed how big companies work with small companies in their session, Patterns of Connectivity. Sure, size is all relative. But when you look at Deutsche Telekom’s workforce of 230,000 people compared to our 200 employees, we’re the smaller guy in this scenario.

Rene Obermann spoke about how Lookout and other apps help raise the level of coolness for the Telekom brand. Obermann also noted how he’s impressed by Lookout’s knack for quickly innovating and constantly thinking beyond the current reality and into the future of our connected world’s security needs. When asked by Diane Brady, “Why not just buy Lookout?” Obermann responded, “First off, that price tag is too big. Also, in this case of Big working with Small, we’d suffocate them with love. Lookout innovates from the inside-out and that’s the way it ought to be.”

Hering shared some background on how Lookout works with bigger players: “We know what we want to be when we grow up. And we never forget that when working with partners. We’re great at creating complimentary partnerships. We know our strengths and the advantages that great partnerships can bring for us and users worldwide.”

You can check out live video content from the event here.

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