January 23, 2013

Catch Them If You Can: Combat Device Theft with the New Lookout Update

Today we are excited to start the roll-out of two more ways that Lookout Mobile Security for Android can help you recover your stolen or lost device and better protect your mobile privacy. Download the latest version of Lookout from Google Play.

Protect Your Device From Prying Eyes

Lock Cam is a free feature that notifies you if anyone tries to access your device, whether it has been stolen, or if someone else may be trying to take a peek when you’re not around.

Lock Cam  takes a picture of anyone who enters an incorrect password three times into your Android lock screen with the front-facing camera on your device. You’ll then receive an email with the picture and the location of your device, giving you valuable information about who tried to access your device and where it happened. You can then use this information to take steps to further protect your device, like changing or strengthening your password.

We will roll out Lock Cam to our existing users over the next week.  Premium users will have access to Lock Cam immediately.  To enable Lock Cam, go to “Settings” in your Lookout app to make sure you have Advanced Protection AND Lock Cam enabled.

Please note that Lock Cam is currently only available in English and will only work if your device has:

  1.  a front-facing camera
  2.  Android 2.3+
  3. the Android lock screen enabled.

To see Lock Cam in action, check out this video! And remember, the best thing you can do to secure your device and data from intruders is to set up your device’s lock screen!

Help Lost Devices Return Home

People lose a phone on average once per year, and many don’t get it back. Premium users can now add a customized message of up to 300 characters to your Lookout Lock screen, so if your device is lost, you can help whoever finds it return it quickly.

English-speaking Lookout Premium users can access this feature by logging into Lookout.com from another smartphone or computer, clicking the “Missing Device Tab” and selecting “Lock”.

Lock Cam

If you don’t have a Lookout Premium subscription yet, the ability to Lock down the personal information on your lost device is a great reason to upgrade!

For those of you who like to try before you buy, you can also sign up for our free, one-time Lookout Premium trial. Get all the benefits of Lookout Premium for 14 days with no credit card required!

Have you ever had a phone stolen or caught someone looking at your phone? Do you think these features will help you?

  1. Res says:

    I have the premium version and the lock screen enabled but I don’t see the option?

  2. Jenna Kozel says:

    Hi Res, We are rolling out the feature to all Android over the next few days. You should have it soon! You’ll get a notification when you have it!

  3. Lane says:

    Beautiful. Well actually it was a rather bad picture of myself, but it did what it says. I’m guessing I’ll be getting lots of pics of my 2yr old, but should I ever have it lost or stolen it will be appreciated.

  4. Jenna Kozel says:

    Thanks Lane! Glad to hear it works. Aww, sounds like you will be getting some fun pics of your 2yr old!

  5. David says:

    I have the lock cam option enabled on my Nexus 7 but it doesn’t seem to work. I have pattern unlock not a password – will that affect it?

  6. Laura Mesa says:

    Hi David — What part isn’t working? Is it that you haven’t gotten the email? You may want to check your spam folder just in case.

  7. stav says:

    i got your app because of the lock cam option but i dont seem to have it in my settings.
    ive got an iphone 4.

  8. Laura Mesa says:

    Hi Stav — Unfortunately Lock Cam is only available for Android Devices at this time. We’re trying to see how we can build a similar solution for iOS in the near future.

  9. Laura Mesa says:

    Hi David — Just heard from our developers that it might be because your pattern password might not be long enough. You need to have 4 dots as part of your pattern fro Android and Lookout to activate.

  10. Danpat says:

    Is the lock cam available on the iPhone 4S

  11. Laura Mesa says:

    Hi Dan —

    No, unfortunately Lock Cam is only available on Android devices at the moment. Thanks!

  12. wanda says:

    Hey I was thinking about using the lookout security…is there a cost for any of this or can I simply go to your site and liaf it on my nexus.

  13. Laura Mesa says:

    Hi Wanda — You can download Lookout for free from the Google Play Store. Once you register, you will be given the option to upgrade to our premium features for $2.99 a month, but if you decide not to, no worries, you can still use Lookout Free.

  14. Mike Cieslak says:

    Your directions about helping lost devices return home states, “…access this feature by logging into Lookout.com from another smartphone or computer, clicking the “Missing Device Tab”. When I log onto this site, there is no Missing Device tab. BTW, I’m a premium user with Android 2.3.

  15. Laura Mesa says:

    Hi Mike — thanks for your comment. At the time of this writing, the older desktop web app was still around. With the new desktop web app, you should go to the “Find My Device” page. You’ll see a lock icon. Select the lock icon, and you will see an option for ‘Lock Cam Message’. Make sure that is selected and then press ‘Lock’. You’ll then see a dialogue that lets you add your custom message. If you have more questions, please email us at support@lookout.com so we can help you faster — Premium users are immediately put in the front of the queue with our support team.

  16. dergis says:

    I think this is a good idea, there’s a bunch ofpeople likes to mess with your phone whrn ypu not arraround, and on top of that, if you get your devi stolen you’llbe ableto get it back cause you can see the intruder’face

  17. Tonya says:

    I would love to test the feature out but it says that it will erase all data from your phone and pretty much do a factory reset and you would have to re-download all your apps… Is this true?

  18. Lauri says:

    I too am having problems with this with a pattern password. My pattern is 5 dots long. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3, Android version 4.0.4.

  19. Lauri says:

    Ok, sorry about this but I tried it again and it WORKS. Awful picture of the person trying to unlock the phone (me), but it works. Love it!

  20. Laura Mesa says:

    Hi Tonya — Thanks for reaching out! Let me help clarify: Lock Cam itself will not erase all the data from your phone or do the factory reset. But, to use Lock Cam, you must enable Lookout to be the Device Admin. Device Admin is also what also allows us to Lock and Wipe the phone if you’re a Premium user. We, however, will not Lock or Wipe the device unless you tell us to. Using Lock Cam will not Lock or Wipe your device, they’re very separate functions, but to use Lock Cam properly, you do need to give us Device Admin permissions. Send us a note to support@lookout.com if you have more questions.

  21. Tonya says:

    Thanks for the clarification Laura! It works perfectly!

  22. Rav says:

    I have the app, but for some reason the lockcam never sends me an email of the person typing in the wrong code. I’ve tried it myself, and the camera clicks, but when I check my mail, there is nothing new nor is there anything in the spam folder. My email is correct as well.


  23. Rav says:

    I’m sorry, the emails did come! I didn’t check properly. Sorry for the incovienince.

    Btw, do you know how to turn the camera shutter of for a Samsung phone? Because it always goes off, so I presume an intruder will easily find out if someone accesses the phone.

  24. Rav says:

    And just one more thing, do you need 3G for it too work? Because I never use 3G, so was wondering whether it is necessary.


  25. Monica says:

    I purposely gotten the password 3 times incorrectly, yet I haven’t received an email. It’s enabled, and it’s not in my spam. And I’m premium! I even tried to get it wrong 5 times and I had to wait for 30 seconds. What’s wrong?

  26. Cherie Vargas says:

    Hi Monica! Apologies for the delayed response. Please contact support@lookout.com and they’ll be able to lend you a hand. Thanks!

  27. Trevor says:

    Just a quick message to express my deepest thanks and gratitude for making such a fantastic app which I have happily installed on both my new Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) and my new Sony Xperia E mobile recently. As well as providing excellent anti-virus protection on both of my devices, it is also nice and reassuring to know that Lookout offers me the opportunity to track down and find them should they ever get lost or stolen (God forbid it ever happens, of course!). Whoever is stupid enough to steal them will also get a fully-deserved earache thanks to the loud Locate Alert alarm built-in on your app too – nice idea! Excellent app – thank you!

  28. Cherie Vargas says:

    Hi Trevor – Thanks so much for all the love!

  29. Austin says:

    Would be great if the cam lock feature actually worked. Does nothing on the S4. Ive put the wrong code in 3 times, multiple times and never an email sent. If there are more steps, maybe that should be posted somewhere?

  30. Tomas says:

    Hello, I’ve enabled the LockCam on my Nexus 5 but after testing couple of wrong pattern imputs I still didn’t recieved any mail with camera pictures. (Even not in spam folder). Also, I wonder (and hope as well) this app won’t delete my data after any number of wrong imputs, is that so? There was something about “Wipe” when enabling LockCam. And, last question, does this feature also work in non-premium account?

  31. Tatiana says:

    Hello! I got the lock cam on my Samsung and when I activated it I saw that it asked for permission to do a factory reset if needed… why is that? I like the fact that it has the lock cam and would like to keep that on but I do not want it to erase everything without asking me first. Any information you can give me on this? I couldn’t find any information on it but am very curious. Also, how many times can someone enter the password wrong before I get an email about it?

  32. Jan says:

    Are you going to put lockcam into iphone yet? It’s been a year since someone asked, when you said you were looking into sorting it, can’t wait to get it. :)

  33. Joe says:

    Ok, I got an email saying someone tried to unlock my device. The email has a picture of the location where the picture was taken but the picture of the person is blank! I clicked on the little icon but picture wont display. Email says to click on the attachement but I dont see anything on the email giving me an option to dowload picture. I tried on different computers and cell phones with no luck =/ what could be the problem?

  34. victoria says:

    I had the cam lock on my Galaxy 3. Gave it to my boyfriend after factory reset and he downloaded lookout but the cam lock is not in the settings menu. Help?

  35. Meghan Kelly says:

    Hi there, Lock Cam is now a part of our Theft Alerts! You can check out more information here: http://bit.ly/1hl82PM

  36. Meghan Kelly says:

    Hi Joe, sorry about that! Would you email our support team and include the email address associated with your Lookout account? Thanks!

  37. Meghan Kelly says:

    Hi there! Check out our FAQ on this: http://bit.ly/1kBfcu4

  38. Meghan Kelly says:

    Hi Tatiana, would you email us your device details, the email address associated with your Lookout account, and a description of what you’re seeing (any screenshots would be appreciated!) to support [at] lookout [dot] com

  39. Meghan Kelly says:

    Hi Tomas, would you email us your questions? Please include the email address associated with your Lookout account and any device information. support [at] lookout [dot] com

  40. James says:

    When is lock can comming iphone. Concidering cancelling premium untill it’s available. Lots of people asking about it but no answers??

  41. Jesse Halloran says:

    Hi there Lookout, is it possible that you will be enabling Lock Cam on iPhone. I have a iPhone 6 Plus and really want it fully protected.
    Thanks Jesse

  42. Meghan Kelly says:

    Hi there, Lock Cam is officially a part of our Theft Alerts product now! Unfortunately, this specific feature is Android only due to technical limitations in iOS. Your iPhone is fully protected with Lookout, however!

  43. Carlos says:

    Will it still work if phone was set to factory settings

  44. Kimberley Flood says:

    I just downloaded the Lookout app, but I don’t see the lock cam feature? I am android, lollipop 5.0. Samsung galaxy s5.

  45. Meghan Kelly says:

    Hi Kimberley! Lock Cam was actually folded into our Theft Alerts product last year. You can find out more information on our FAQ here: https://faq.lookout.com/topics/40063200-why-dont-i-get-lock-cam-notifications-anymore

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