February 4, 2013

Lookout a finalist for Global Mobile Award

Today, Lookout was announced as a finalist for the GSMA’s annual Global Mobile Award for the category of Best Mobile Safeguard & Security Products and Services. If you’re not familiar, the GSMA is the who’s who of the mobile industry—an organization that spans more than 220 countries and unites 800 of the world’s mobile operators with the companies in the broader mobile operating system, including app developers, software and manufacturers. This award echoes the importance and need for mobile security, with an entire category dedicated to it.

Winners will be announced from the annual GSMA Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain during the last week of February. Beyond hearing the outcome of the awards, we’re really looking forward to the event. It’s always an excellent opportunity to meet up with the many mobile operators we work with, scope out the newest innovations and connect with mobile folks about the future of the industry.

Congratulations to the Lookout team and to the many other mobile stars nominated for the annual awards!

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  1. Jessica Dunn says:

    I am leaving this comment because i commented on the fact that i voted for lookout for the global mobile awards only for a month later my $300 phone to be lost and i got no help from lookout! I left a comment on Facebook under the lookout comment about what to do if your phone is lost on 2-19-13 and gave distinct details on what occured. I was told to login at support@lookout.com to see if something can be done. The problem is they want my email address and my phone#. Well, the email address was on my phone and i didnt have to use a password to get into it. Now I dont remember the password and do not have access to that email account anymore, nore do I have a phone number. I have set up a new E-mail address that is shown above. I really trusted and counted on lookout because some irreplacable things was on that phone and i just recently lost everything. The phone was abbout the only cherished thing I had left. I cannot affored to replace the phone or put minutes on another. I have recommended lookout to at least 20 of my friends before this incident and a lot of them hadn’t even hears of it until I told them and they are now current users of lookout. This bothers me that after i put this company on such a high regard that i was the one to be let down by them and at a time when I am in such need of my phone and apps. Im sure there is nothing that will be done about this because i am only one person, but one person brought 20+ people to the attention of this company.

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