June 26, 2013

Lookout Flags Newly-Classified Adware

Privacy and good user experience on mobile are critical – after all, people need to trust and feel comfortable on their smartphones and tablets in order to use them! But questionable mobile advertising practices, such as adware, can get in the way of user privacy and experience, doing things like capturing personal information (i.e., email, location, address list, etc.) without proper notification and modifying phone settings and desktops without consent. While the majority of mobile ads are A-OK, as the industry grows, it needs to protect user privacy and excellent user experience. Beginning today, we’ll be flagging ad networks that we have newly classified as adware in Lookout Mobile Security. We’re also releasing our classification of adware to help guide the industry.

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June 13, 2013

Want Protection? Orange France Makes Security Fundamental

Orange believes security should be fundamental to the mobile experience, that’s why they’re helping to make this one of the first apps on peoples’ phones. Now, Orange France customers who purchase Oragami Jet or Open Jet plans or “case and flight” insurance, will have Lookout Premium included. Lookout will also be pre-loaded on a number of Orange France Android devices. People protect their phone through insurance. It makes sense that they also insure the security, privacy and loss of the device through mobile security offering like Lookout. Lookout’s free app will also be pre-installed on many Orange France Android devices.


Mobile security has come into focus as threats become more significant and smartphones more ubiquitous. We’re seeing this in France too. In fact, recently French Android users were targeted with an application-based threat dubbed “PlusTV”, which charged people without making the fees clear to them.  Lookout found that the likelihood of encounter this type of threat in the first half of 2013 was 3.6 percent. Adware, software that collects sensitive information about a person or device through an ad platform, affects France Android users an estimated 2.2% of the time.

Stay tuned for more news with how we’ll be making security easily available for people across France!

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June 10, 2013

Privacy in the Connected World [Slideshare]

The last few years have seen massive growth and innovation in the mobile app ecosystem. The rise in smartphone adoption has created an entirely new channel to reach, not to mention an incredible green field to explore. As the ecosystem continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it becomes more difficult for private information to remain sacred. It’s important that standards are developed to ensure that private user data is accessed and managed properly.

Here are 5 tips for mobile app developers to ensure that their users are adequately notified of privacy, security and usability implications:

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June 5, 2013

Lookout Tours the Current World of Mobile Threats

In the first report** of its kind, Lookout takes a deep dive into mobile threat data from the Lookout Platform in five countries (US, UK, Germany, India and Japan) to identify key threats in each region. As mobile marches on, the threat landscape continues to evolve. Like any entrepreneur, the bad guys go where the opportunity exists and focus on the business models that are most successful – and like many businesses, there are differences that can be seen at the country level based on economics of a given region.

The implications of these threats to consumers run the gamut, from annoying to extremely invasive. Our goal is to give the right context and educate, making people more aware of these threats so that they can be mindful while browsing and downloading information, links and apps on their mobile devices.

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