July 30, 2013

DEF CON 21: Getting Ready for DragonLady, Hacking Cars and More

Get out your tin foil and sunscreen; the world’s largest hacker conference, DEF CON, is running Thursday, August 1st, to Sunday, August 4th, this week in Las Vegas at the Rio. (Black Hat, the other big security conference in Vegas, already started on Saturday.) Going to the DEF CON conference is a long-time tradition for Lookout’s founders and employees, and it’s always fun going to awesome talks (there’s several this year on hacking cars!), competing to solve puzzles, learning new skills at the Villages, puzzling over the badge, and hanging out with the hacker community.

About That Tin Foil: Staying Secure at DEF CON in 2013
Reed Loden, the Information Security lead at Lookout has great tips on not getting PWND at DEF CON.

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July 25, 2013

Little, Different, Shorter, Better.

Mobile application development is in a stage of tremendous innovation. With it, we’ve seen phenomenal new functionality emerge. The growth in mobile app development has also lead to gray areas — particularly around the best ways to present a transparent, user-friendly privacy policy. Privacy policies can be incredibly long and hard to understand – and see on a mobile device – and this has been one major area needing improvement.

Over the past few years, there have been many moves to create privacy standards amongst the mobile application developer community. The Center for Democracy for Technology and the Future of Privacy Forum released its “Best Practices for Mobile Application Developers,” in June 2012.  Lookout released our own Mobile App Advertising Guidelines. Even with these resources, many developers still publish privacy policies that are hard for their users to understand. Recognizing the problem, for the past year, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration has engaged in a process to simplify the privacy policy. They landed on a short form code of conduct — think of it like a nutritional label for privacy. It’s easy to read and an excellent resource for those interested in better understanding the privacy policies of their applications. Transparency is incredibly important to us, so we’ve decided to implement our own short form privacy policy for the Lookout app.

Lookout Privacy Notification

The mobile ecosystem will needless to say continue to evolve, and with it so will guidelines and best practices. We will continue to iterate on the best way to make sure our users understand how Lookout uses their data.

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July 22, 2013

Help Lookout by Taking our Social Media Survey!

Are you a diehard Lookout fan? Or just hearing about us for the first time? We’d love your feedback so we can make the Lookout social media sites even more amazing for you. Please help us in taking this survey.

Many thanks in advance!

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July 17, 2013

Hacking the Internet of Things for Good.

“Attack is the secret of defense, defense is the planning of an attack”

Today, technology enhances our lives in ways that only a few years ago would have been considered the realm of science fiction — from voice-activated electric cars to wireless-enabled thermostats. Our appetite for new things is driving a renaissance in embedded computing and a revolution in networking.

Everyday objects are being transformed by the addition of sensors that enable them to interact with the world, processors that enable them to think about it and network interfaces that allow them to talk about it. As they connect to each other, sharing what they see, hear and know, these new intelligent, thinking devices are driving a second Internet Age. The Internet of Things is rapidly outstripping the Internet of PCs. By June 30, 2010, there were approximately 1.9bn computers connected to the Internet. By contrast, in 2012, there were close to 10bn connected things.

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