September 3, 2013

Lookout Says Hello to Business, Partners with Samsung KNOX

Our mission has always been to protect every mobile device, and today 45 million people worldwide use our product and mobile operators globally partner with us to secure their customers’ devices.  This growth strengthens our security platform and sets the stage for us to expand and build security offerings for businesses and enterprises. Already more than 50% of the Fortune 1000 companies have employees using Lookout to protect their phones. Today, Lookout is excited to announce that it is expanding into business and will deliver our offering for business mobile security in the coming months.

As part of our move into the business space, I’m pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Samsung that will bring Lookout’s security to mobile devices with Samsung KNOX, Samsung’s secure device offering for business. Samsung KNOX is setting a standard for enterprise security on Android, and we’re thrilled Samsung selected Lookout to take KNOX business security to the next level. Wherever KNOX will be, Lookout will be there, too.

LookoutforBusinessProtection against mobile threats is essential in any workplace, especially a BYOD workplace. The way that employees work on and use their devices has changed dramatically over the past few years. The mechanisms by which businesses were protected in the past don’t work in a world where employees use a personal device in business and/or a business device in a personal context. Lookout’s expansion into business comes at a critical time and the security stakes are now higher.

According to Gartner, one in three companies now allow employees to bring their own devices to work, and whether or not it’s allowed, employees are doing so and company data is being accessed outside of the corporate network, potentially putting that data at risk. Thousands of businesses have approached us asking how they can get Lookout Mobile Security for their business needs. Our business users want the same level of mobile threat protection our consumer products offer. Lookout for Business will keep devices, networks and infrastructure safe from mobile threats and protect corporate devices, plus the sensitive data they carry.

We’re committed to delivering the best mobile security for consumers, and our expansion into business security and strategic partnership with Samsung fortifies our mission to protect every mobile device in the world. We’ll keep you posted when Lookout for Business is widely available later this year.

  1. Focus Group says:

    Hey Thanks for sharing about your mission…such a nice information.

  2. Marcos Ortiz says:

    It would be nice a commercial between Samsung and Lookout talking KNOX and Lookout for Business. I´m sure that if you launch a video together using Samsung´s YouTube channels, it would bring a massibe growth to both business. What do you think?

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