October 21, 2013

Sprint and Lookout Survey Reveals Consumers’ Mobile Behaviors

Our phones are our lifelines and have become an essential tool for everyday life. We are constantly plugged into our phones – during the morning commute, just before bed — even at the dinner table. Gone are the days when we used phones merely as a means of communication. Smartphones have become our most personal computers and in many cases know more about us than our best friends. Lookout and Sprint today released the results of a national survey revealing consumers’ mobile behaviors, habits and concerns over privacy.

The results reveal a striking attachment to our mobile devices and a concern over the exposure of personal information.

My smartphone and I are connected at the hip.

A day without your phone? Not any more. The majority of Americans admitted they can’t go one hour without checking the phone in their pocket. Texting surpasses calling and email as the feature most missed when without the phone (29%), followed by calling (26%) and emails (9%).

Sprint and Lookout Survey

Sprint and Lookout Survey

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October 10, 2013

The Other 95 Percent

A year ago I spoke about how Lookout was five percent of what we will be. Today, we’re ready to talk about the other 95 percent.

I’m excited to share that Lookout has raised $55M from industry leaders Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm, Greylock Partners and Mithril Capital Management, in addition to our current investors Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, and Khosla Ventures.  We will invest in security beyond the mobile device by working with our investors and partners to find new ways to secure the broader mobile ecosystem, including networks. The capital will help us expand internationally and extend our offerings into the business and enterprise space. In a connected world, security will be critical across mobile networks and connected devices, and this round will help enable Lookout to secure the next phase of mobile computing.

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