November 19, 2013

Cutting the Ribbon on Lookout for Business

We are lucky to call more than 45 million people worldwide our happy customers, but we’ve always known that businesses also need to protect their mobile devices with as much urgency as consumers. Today, I am beyond proud to announce the release of a new version of Lookout, tailored just for businesses. With Lookout for Business we’ve taken an important step in expanding the vision of protecting every mobile device with our first product geared toward companies and their specific mobile security needs.

Lookout for Business offers dead simple device management and comprehensive mobile security, wrapped up in an app employees actually want to put on their mobile devices. At the end of the day, strong security depends on adoption by end-users, so we’ve packed our app with useful features that provide immediate and real value to employees.

Figure 1: Lookout For Business Dashboard – Admin View

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November 13, 2013

Treating Privacy as a Product

In July, I wrote about our decision to launch a short form privacy policy for Lookout on the heels of the release of the NTIA’s code of conduct for mobile app transparency. Cool, right? I thought so back in July. Fast forward to today though, and I’m reminded of something Reid Hoffman famously said—If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late. While we didn’t quite take it that far, we have tried to embrace the agile product development philosophy of shipping early and often. Well, that was then and now it’s time to take it to the next level and make it awesome. But how? The only way we know—treat it like a product.

Prototype, Test, Iterate, Ship

In the same way we innovate to build products, we resolved to develop a short form policy that would provide a meaningful privacy experience for users. To do that, we first created a cross-functional team from product management, design, research, marketing, engineering and legal, and set out to build a better privacy policy.

We first sought to understand the baseline consumer attitude towards privacy policies by surveying 2,000 mobile users. Not surprisingly, more than half of those we surveyed feel that privacy policies are vague. Moreover, less than half of them read privacy policies, and even fewer actually trust the apps they download.

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November 12, 2013

Security Alert: Adobe Password Breach

Lookout cares about keeping you safe from threats to your personal information, whether on or off your mobile device. That’s why when we heard about the recent Adobe account and password breach, we put together a quick list of steps that anyone can take to protect themselves. These kinds of breaches are becoming increasingly more common, therefore it’s up to you to set a strong passwords on all your online accounts.

  1. First, visit to check if your email address(es) were part of the compromised list.
  2. Even if you don’t remember creating an Adobe account, you should reset your Adobe password at
  3. Change any password that might be the same as the one you used with Adobe.  You should definitely change your primary email password if its the same as the one used with your Adobe account. If your Lookout account password was the same as Adobe’s, you should also reset that. To reset your Lookout password visit
  4. Setting unique and complex passwords is critical to online safety. Never use the same password twice and the longer and more uncommon the combination of letters, numbers and symbols, the more computational power needed to crack the password. To learn more check out our blog post on how to create secure passwords.

For a more in-depth look at passwords and their pitfalls, we recommend reading Mat Honan’s Wired article.

Stay safe out there!

– Lookout Team

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November 7, 2013

Lookout Brings Security to AT&T Android Devices

From day one, our goal has always been to protect every device across the globe and we’re excited to announce that we’re one step closer to fulfilling that mission. Today marks the beginning of Lookout’s collaboration with AT&T to bring mobile security to all AT&T Android customers. Moving forward, Lookout will be available on every Android phone sold by 3 out of the 4 major US carriers.

Computing has changed forever and mobile devices are only the beginning of a massively connected world. According to Gartner, 1.8 billion mobile phones are expected to ship by the end of 2013, a 4.5 percent increase from the previous year. Lookout will now play a foundational role in protecting AT&T customers from emerging mobile threats and keeping the precious data their devices carry safe.

AT&T actively identifies software partners to drive growth and innovation on their platform. They understand that the next wave of mobile goes beyond connectivity and communications to services and apps that are available through the AT&T platform. We’re happy to be protecting AT&T customers and safeguarding their most personal computers.

Moving forward, the Lookout app will be installed on all compatible AT&T Android devices (currently installed on the Samsung Note 3). With Lookout, AT&T customers can have the confidence to use their phone to its fullest capability, and rest assured knowing they are protected no matter what they do. Whether it’s helping to find a lost/stolen phone, managing phone security or backing up precious data, we’re helping AT&T customers with a safer, more secure, mobile experience.

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November 1, 2013

MaClickFraud: Counterfeit Clicks and Search Queries


Lookout has identified MaClickFraud, a Trojan added to legitimate games and other applications that defrauds search engines and ad networks by simulating legitimate traffic. This Trojan can enable a broad range of click fraud activities, from faking search terms in order to boost the ranking of a targeted website, to gaming incentivized download networks or other ad networks in order to make an ad publisher appear to have more traffic than they actually do.

Who Is Likely to Be Affected

The risk of infection is low, with the vast majority of detections occurring in Chinese-speaking regions like China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. To date, the only site we have observed hosting the malware is AnZhi, a Chinese alternative app store.

All Lookout users are protected from this threat.

Lookout’s Take

This Trojan can engage in a broad range of click fraud activities and its authors likely rent out their botnet to other parties who may use it to fake search activity as a form of black-hat SEO or to impersonate ad clicks on their own properties to boost ad revenue. Since the malware infects otherwise-legitimate apps and does not cause visibly adverse effects to the app user, it likely remains active and undetected for a relatively long period of time, compared to other more intrusive forms of malware.

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