November 19, 2013

Cutting the Ribbon on Lookout for Business

We are lucky to call more than 45 million people worldwide our happy customers, but we’ve always known that businesses also need to protect their mobile devices with as much urgency as consumers. Today, I am beyond proud to announce the release of a new version of Lookout, tailored just for businesses. With Lookout for Business we’ve taken an important step in expanding the vision of protecting every mobile device with our first product geared toward companies and their specific mobile security needs.

Lookout for Business offers dead simple device management and comprehensive mobile security, wrapped up in an app employees actually want to put on their mobile devices. At the end of the day, strong security depends on adoption by end-users, so we’ve packed our app with useful features that provide immediate and real value to employees.

Figure 1: Lookout For Business Dashboard – Admin View

Why We Built It

Every day, we get calls and emails from people who love Lookout’s personal product so much that they want to bring that same functionality to their business. Eighty percent of our inbound requests for a business product come from consumer users and over 40 percent of F1000 companies have employees already using the consumer app.

At Lookout, you’ll often find us obsessing over product design and user experience. We deliberately selected a group of early customers to provide invaluable feedback, ensuring Lookout for Business would meet the core security needs of companies while maintaining the incredible ease-of-use people have come to expect from our products. These customers cover a wide range of business profiles, from a local hardware store to a Fortune 1000 company. As one IT manager put it, after starting to use it, “it can’t really be this easy, can it?” Yup, it is.

IT Managers Need Better Mobile Security

A recent survey we conducted in partnership with Forrester Research confirms that mobile security concerns run deep for businesses today. We found that 69 percent of IT managers are “very” or “extremely” concerned about the threat of mobile malware and 65 percent are similarly concerned about the threat of data loss on mobile devices. We also found that 72 percent of IT managers believe a gap exists between current mobile security solutions and the threats that businesses face today. With Lookout for Business we’ve taken a big first step toward helping companies close that gap.

Lookout for Business: The Product

So what does it actually do? Lookout for Business provides all the mobile security a growing company needs, right out of the box, er…cloud.  We protect all devices— whether personal or company-owned— from security threats like malware, malicious links, and provide protection against theft or loss of the device itself. Lookout takes a data-first approach to mobile security. Our cloud-based protection platform is powered by the world’s largest mobile dataset, the Mobile Threat Network, which provides real-time threat notifications. We don’t know any IT or security department nowadays with extra people lying around, so we made our product easy to roll out and optimized for employee self-service.

Lookout for Business makes device management super simple, allowing both admins and employees to remotely locate, lock, and wipe devices by logging into their respective (and separate) Lookout dashboards. Employee privacy is top of mind, and the product provides transparent communication for both IT managers and employees. For example, whenever either party performs an action to locate a lost or missing device, each gets notified. In the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world we live in, providing an answer to employee privacy when it comes to mobile devices is key to success.

Figure 2: Lookout For Business – Employee Device View

Building Something Both IT and Employees Will Love

End-users need to be willing to adopt a security product, so we’ve made sure our app provides immediate and real value to employees to encourage adoption. Features like Signal Flare help users find their phone, even when their battery runs low and helpful dialogues help educate employees if they’ve downloaded a bad application or encountered a malicious website. Employees using Lookout for Business get to enjoy all the premium features of our consumer app, plus the added benefit of knowing that their IT manager has their back in case something happens. Millions of people have already downloaded our consumer mobile security app, which is why we’re confident that the employee value we’ve baked into Lookout for Business will make security adoption a much easier task for IT admins to achieve.

To learn more about how Lookout for Business can protect your company visit our product page.

Call, email, tweet us or send us a note via carrier pigeon if you also want to be among the many companies already using Lookout to protect their most important mobile devices.

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