December 10, 2013

In Tech Heroes We Trust

After hearing from our customers over and over that they often rely on friends and family to save the day on mobile technology, we ran a national survey with Harris Interactive to investigate this trend. It turns out that we rely on others quite a bit to make technology connections happen. Sixty-three percent of people struggle to keep up with the latest mobile tech and 1 in 3 depend on tech savvy friends and family—we like to call them Tech Heroes—for a bit of help.

Below are some of the interesting things we learned about these rare birds, unicorns and diamonds in the rough we’ve come to depend on.

Anyone can be a Tech Hero: your friend who gives you the best app recommendations, the IT admin who rescued your pictures from a lost phone, even your kid who helps you locate the power button. While common belief suggests that tech experts are typically among younger age groups, 37% of Americans say their Tech Heroes are between ages 31-45, while 33% say they are between 21-30. Truth is, Tech Heroes come in all ages and can be found nationwide.

Tech Heroes come to our aid in a number of ways. Whether it’s helping to set up a new phone, troubleshooting a new device or downloading the latest apps, we rely on Tech Heroes to show us the ropes.

This holiday season, 45 million new smartphones are expected to hit shelves and mobile devices will top holiday wishlists. With the many new devices hitting shelves it can be difficult for people to decide on the perfect smartphone or tablet to meet the needs of their mobile lives. We learned that Tech Heroes have a large amount of influence over mobile commerce.

Interested in celebrating the Tech Hero in your life this holiday season? Nominate your Tech Hero (you can also nominate yourself) here. For those who are setting up their new phones this holiday season and don’t have a Tech Hero offhand, we’ve developed a Tech Hero Handbook with everything you need to know to set up a new phone, fix a cracked screen, or conserve your battery life.

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