February 27, 2014

“Embrace complexity, deliver simplicity” John Hering gives Mobile World Congress keynote

Lookout’s CEO, John Hering, took the stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week to deliver a keynote speech to a packed room with over 1,000 people in attendance.

“Four years ago, when I first came to Mobile World Congress, Lookout was 10 hackers in a loft, now we’re 50 million users worldwide,” John Hering said as he shared the story of Lookout’s growth.

“But that was just the launch pad…

“Fast forward four years later and you’ll see we’ve built a novel security technology company, partnered with some of the largest telecom operators in the world and our product is loved by consumers worldwide.

“How did we get here?”


John conveyed to the Mobile World Congress audience that Lookout has succeeded because of the great people that make up the company, a distinct culture and a passion for solving problems.

“Sure, we’ve had to make some tough decisions on the way to success, but it’s the hacker mentality that has allowed us to turn innovation into success.”

You can watch the video stream here to hear it from John first-hand.


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February 26, 2014

Attorney General Harris Helps Businesses in Lookout’s Home State Increase Security

Prominent businesses and organizations from Target to Yahoo! to The New York Times have fallen victim to security breaches and hacking incidents; they are often targeted for the mounds of valuable corporate and consumer data they store. No matter what size, every business needs a comprehensive security strategy in place. Attorney General Kamala Harris collaborated with Lookout and the California Chamber of Commerce to provide actionable recommendations for small businesses to mitigate cyber risks.


The report, Cyber Security in the Golden State, comes on the heels of a nationwide initiative to combat cyber attacks. Large enterprises can devote large sums of money to fight cybercrime, but cyber threats are not just a problem for large businesses. In fact, many attacks are aimed at small businesses. The report provides big company best practices to small business so they are equipped to prevent and respond to cyber security issues.

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February 20, 2014

2013: Made-to-Measure Malware and the Battle Against Adware

2013 was a year of changes in the world of mobile malware. Mobile threat campaigns became increasingly targeted as the criminals that operate them adapted their practices to maximize profit and operate in a less detectable way. In places where regulation is tough, they identified different ways to operate, often dropping more traditional monetization strategies like premium rate SMS fraud and leveraging “grey area” tactics that are actually legal.


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February 14, 2014

Security Alert: A Flap Over Fakes


Sadly, this week Flappy Bird, the latest game addiction for millions, fell victim to attackers who exploited the games popularity by injecting Trojans in fake versions of the extinct app. The malicious variants belong to several different families of malware previously identified by Lookout, which means all Lookout users have been protected. These Trojans enable the bad guys to generate revenue by requiring payment after game play, through malicious advertising networks, and via basic SMS fraud.


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February 7, 2014

Better Safe Than Sorry: Tips to Protect Your Mobile Device at Sochi

It has taken 7 years and an unprecedented $51 billion dollars to prepare Sochi, Russia’s traditional summertime seaside resort for the 2014 Winter Olympics. Russia is deploying the biggest security force in the games’ history and the U.S. and other countries are also sending security teams of their own. Despite these precautions, Russia’s cybercriminals are already preparing for the Sochi Olympics.

Cybercriminals have a history of exploiting global high profile events. The Beijing Olympics is a great example where cybercriminals created fake websites that mimicked the legitimate event. Russian cybercriminals, in particular, are known to be highly experienced at this, and consequently US CERT is already issuing warnings about what to expect.

NBC’s news investigation into Russian malware at Sochi claimed that Sochi visitors would be targeted and their devices would likely be compromised within a matter of hours. Our perspective is slightly different. While it’s true Russia is a high risk environment, this doesn’t mean that you will be hacked the moment you step off the plane. In fact by just following a few common sense recommendations we believe that everything will be OK.


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