May 28, 2014

Your Stolen Phone Investigator: Lookout’s Theft Alerts Give You the Power Back

At Lookout, mobile security means more than protecting your phone from digital threats — it’s also about making sure the physical device and the precious data it carries stays safe. With 1 out of 10 people falling victim to phone theft, we’re excited to announce Theft Alerts, one more way Lookout is helping to curb the growing phone theft problem and protect your mobile privacy.

Theft Alerts is your peace-of-mind when your phone gets lost or stolen. It provides you with timely and contextual information so you know where your device and data are and what the thief is doing with it.


There’s not a single solution that will stop the phone theft problem, but using software is a great way to start. It’s always been part of Lookout’s mission to help people recover lost and stolen devices, and over the years we’ve added new capabilities that help put a stop to the phone theft problem. Theft Alerts takes into account the actions a thief takes to disable and prep your phone to be resold and arms you with the information necessary to take action.

To Catch a Thief, Think Like a Thief

We’ve done our research at Lookout and identified common actions thieves take after stealing a device, which prevent you from calling or tracking it (in fact, 68 percent of people do not get their phone back). Lookout’s Theft Alerts recognize these actions, and within minutes sends the victim an email with a photo of the thief and a map* with the exact location of your phone or tablet. Actions that trigger a Theft Alert include:

  • Your passcode is entered incorrectly
  • Your SIM card is removed*
  • Airplane Mode has been enabled*
  • Your device has been turned off
  • Someone removed Lookout as the device administrator

We know, however, that some of these actions are performed regularly by the actual owner of a device, so we also allow you to customize your Theft Alerts experience, turning off the triggers you don’t want to be alerted on.

Theft Alerts is now available in Lookout Mobile Security Premium on Android and iOS for $2.99 per month or $29.99 annually. All current Lookout Premium users will get access to this feature first — you’ll see a notification from us letting you know to set up Theft Alerts over the next week.



With this new version of Lookout Premium, Lock Cam also becomes part of Theft Alerts and is now a Premium feature.  If you were a Lookout Free user before today, we don’t want to leave you out of the fun, so we’re giving you the chance to try out Theft Alerts for free until September 31, 2014. Expect a notification from us in the next two weeks letting you know when you can take our latest feature for a spin.

New Lookout users can get access to Theft Alerts by downloading Lookout Mobile Security Premium.

Are you a phone theft victim? Share your phone theft or loss story by visiting Lookout’s “Lost Phone, You’re Not Alone” webpage for a chance to win a new smartphone.

*Current features available on Lookout Premium for iOS

Research Methodology

The survey was conducted online by IDG Research on behalf of Lookout between March 4 and March 20, 2014. The survey was fielded to respondents in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany who reported owning a smartphone. Quotas were set to ensure that approximately 500 respondents (2,403 complete responses) from each country had their smartphones stolen at some point, while another 100 respondents from each country were allowed to complete the survey despite never having their smartphone stolen.

  1. Matt says:

    Have a Note 3 on AT&T’s network. When switching to Airplane mode, the photo isn’t taken and email isn’t sent until airplane mode is turned back off. What if they don’t turn it back online. Seems to work fine when shutting down the phone.

  2. Ryan Mchugh says:

    I have a samsung galaxy it was stolen along with my jacket I could not find it at the time I didn’t know about Lookout the phone is brand new I only had it for 3 weeksI really appreciate the work and the whole concept of Lookout security for your phone I think it is awesome that’s why I have it on my phone I have the Samsung Galaxy s4 and I have look out security on this phone

  3. dianna gamill says:

    I’ve lost 3 cell phones I wish I had Lookout then. This won’t happen again.

  4. Taylor says:

    I was hanging out with my girlfriend at the park then we sat in her car for while until she went to work and I went home. I realized my phone was missing so I used lookout from my laptop to get the GPS location of my phone. Once I got the location needless to say I found my phone under a seat in her car!

  5. James Rice says:

    I have not lost any of my phones so far, but I really respect the ability Lookout has to protect me if it happens!

  6. Linda Cabral says:

    My husband lost his iphone on the golf course a couple of weeks ago. He retraced his steps, but had no luck in finding it. Checked the GPS locator when he got home and it was on the second hole, went back and walked right to it (thank heavens).

  7. Krishna Nag says:

    I found my lost Samsung galaxy note 3 after couple of hours of loosing it. Pretty neat application.

  8. Tamarka Yarbrough says:

    I love the constant scans on everything, even phone numbers.

  9. I’ve been using Lookout for as long as I can remember and recommend it to anyone that will listen.

    As a consultant in the Loss Prevention and Disaster Recovery fields, Lookout is part of the software I require my clients to purchase.

  10. Lost my phone at my house when I use lookout it said my phone was in hartford I live in new haven but my sister lives in hartford and she was at my house with her kids her son took it .I got it back and my sister took care of her son.

  11. De says:

    Thanks for all the grwat info and options available

  12. anna noel says:

    When they steal it they remove everthing and have reactive it under another name and put it in another name . This is the third phone. Im tired of paying a 100 dollar deductibles to get a new one. Im ready to just by a cheap prepaid phobe

  13. I love the way gps takes color is very accurate to a couple of how it takes a pic of the perps when phone is turned off..iam a look out customer for life after u helped me rescued my phone..ur app also helped me with another situation involing my truck being moved and taken once again ty..I also had my mom subscribe onher devices with the rest of my is also very inexpensive for a year when it is always updating I like that coss its always current.keep up the good work a valued customer

  14. darcy says:

    Lookout has been fun to use and have chosen to upgrade a few years ago

  15. Tom Perisho says:

    I left my phone at a store when making a purchase. I was able to find it with lookout and retrieve the phone.

  16. Pam Chambers says:

    A really old phone was stolen from my car many years ago

  17. Carla Otero says:

    I have not lost my phone, but in case it ever happens, I have lookout to protect my phone!

  18. Mark says:

    My phone was stolen. Lookout useless.

  19. Linda Sealey says:

    Lost two phones,, I have lookout now , woould

    Two phones were stolen, I now have lookout. It would have been great if I had it then

  20. Alison Chase says:

    It’s my husband who gets lost, with the phone. With Lookout I can see where he is and if necessary go get him or talk him though directions home. He has memory issues and Lookout has been a godsend in these situations.

  21. I have gotten a message that a virus is causing problems due to a high memory storage on phone.

  22. Kimberly says:

    I have not lost my phone, but in case it ever happens, I have lookout to protect my phone!

  23. kathleen shafer says:

    I lost my phone at the grocery store. Someone found it and ran into the parking lot yelling if anyone lost their phone. Praise God for that honest lady! It was mine!!!

  24. I haven’t lost my phone but people I know say that they got their phone back,because they used a different divice and they went to the GPS and it should them where there phone was. This is an awesome and great app.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    My son was in a skate competition and had broken his elbow so therefore had a sling. Since he couldn’t bein the second skate competition due to the broken elbow, one of the professional skateboarders had signed his sling for him. While at the skate park one day my son had set his bag down and his bag got stolen, not sure if they knew his phone was in there or if they just wanted the autograph. In any case I had always had Lookout on all of our phones so I went on the website put in his email and the phone was tracked back to the skate park. I sent my son there, hit the alarm button and the siren went off alarming to step away from the phone. My son found his bag with no sling in it unfortunately but the phone was in there but with a smashed screen. Needless to say Lookout helped us find it but nothing was left of anything in the bag… I will forever have Lookout on all of our phones because of this.

  26. Deborah says:

    My phone is always by my side. I stopped at Publix the other day to get some lunch to take to work. I had my phone when I went in and when I got to work it was gone. After returning to Publix and searching I found it under my car seat. I was devastated to think I had lost my Galaxy S4…I’m seriously considering the anti – theft by Lookout.

  27. Jeff says:

    My phone was stolen from my desk at work when I went to the restroom. I immediately reported it stolen and had the service disabled. I used lookout to locate the phone down to the building it was in, provide a picture of the thief, and a name (since I knew who it was) to the police. The police had no interest in retrieving the phone and I had to get a replacement through insurance. In the end the service works well but is absolutely useless without proper assistance from law enforcement. Phone theft may be a low priority in high crime areas but petit larceny is still a crime and should be investigated, particularly when all the evidence you need is at your fingertips.

  28. SAMUEL DANQUAH says:

    I lost my phone at my work place breakroom and with the help of Lookout, i was able to have my phone back. It was lost for almost 30days, but when i become a premium member, i was able to get the phone back by the help of this technology that lookout is known with.

  29. thomas says:

    never lost my phone and hope not to but I do use the theft alerts and set my phone to vibe move, if i don’t feel it then something is wrong.

  30. Regina Turowski says:

    I love this app I recommend it to everyone

  31. Robert says:

    I had lookout on my phone when it was stolen. I’m a lifeguard, so I’m not allowed to keep it with me during work. I left it at the break desk in a bad spot, cameras couldn’t see it. Came back at closing, and my phone was gone. Looked around, couldn’t find it. Didn’t think much of it, thought it would turn up. It didn’t. Tried lookout the next day, but my battery had probably died by then. Was only 10% when I left it. I might have found it if I tried that right away, but I didn’t. And couldn’t find anything on the tape since it was out of view of the camera. Oh well, what can you do I guess.

  32. edith says:

    My Co worker stole my phone out of my car 3 days ago

  33. Vickey says:

    Loosing phone’s by theft, it’s way too expensive replacing phone’s

  34. Stephanie Acevedo says:

    My name is stephanie Acevedo i just upgrade my lookout , im try to wipe and to lock my phone and still searching for that, some one stole my phone and i couldn’t to anything,,i will appreciated any help or i will like to reimburse my money back,,thank you

  35. Barry says:

    I used to scold my child and her mother when they lost their phone until one day I couldn’t get my car keys out of my pocket. So I set my phone on top of my car hood, got my keys out and got in the car and took off.
    End of story.
    Retraced the 3 mile route to the store. No luck.
    Didn’t have Lookout then…
    I do now.

  36. Debbie .Pyfrom says:

    i have lost my phone in the month of july i havent found device yet

  37. mhoja says:

    It is too expensive for others

  38. Kim says:

    Lookouts works fairly well but jus got my phone stolen 2days ago n every time i try to locate it give me an same address from last week in another state in which i live..I tried locking wiping and screaming but jus continues to say connecting n I’m premium user n phone hasn’t been turned on in 2 days n get no updated location I had a galaxy note 3 need help

  39. Meghan Kelly says:

    Kim, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Locate. Will you send our customer support team an email? Hopefully they’ll be able to get this figured out. support [at] lookout [dot] com

  40. Meghan Kelly says:

    Hi Stephanie. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Please reach out to our customer support and include the email address associated with your Lookout account. support [at] lookout [dot] com

  41. shaan says:

    i had a Samsung ace 3 for a week brand new and I lost it then someone took it

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