June 3, 2015

The mobile threat landscape in the eyes of a CSO

This week, former Cigna CISO Craig Shumard (who is also a consultant for Lookout) published an article in CSO explaining what the mobile threat landscape really looks like in reaction to a number of reports suggesting that mobile malware is no problem.

His biggest takeaway? Where the market for mobile malware is still maturing, the overall mobile device is not a perfectly secure piece of technology to be put in a drawer and worried about later.

We’ve received a number of queries regarding these reports, and we believe Craig’s article is a great explanation of the mobile threat landscape.

Shumard writes, “The [Verizon] report clearly highlights that malware infections are low, but it also shows two issues with direct impact to consumers and enterprises alike: vulnerabilities and data leakage.”

Read the article in full here.

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June 2, 2015

CISOs ask and we answer: Why enterprises should care about mobile security

Why should I, as an enterprise, care about mobile security?

It’s a question I’ve heard a lot since Lookout started developing Mobile Threat Protection, our brand new product announced today that will protect large, global enterprises from mobile threats using our predictive technology.

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