March 25, 2016

Security Week-in-Review: Holding a hospital crypto-ransom


Open door of a working operating room

It’s hard to keep up with the hundreds of security-specific headlines published every week.

So, we’re rounding up the top news that affect you, your business, and the security and technology industry overall. This week we talk about a Verizon breach, illicitly selling passwords, a hospital’s systems held under crypto-ransom, and more. Check back every Friday to learn about the latest in security news.

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March 24, 2016

How global enterprises are protecting themselves against mobile attack

For the next four weeks Lookout is diving into a number of key findings straight from the mouths of security and IT professionals you work with every day. This is week three. Check back for more insights from the field.

An employee’s access to confidential data on mobile devices has increased substantially over the past two years, say 74% of IT and security pros in a new report from the Ponemon Institute. In order to keep up, enterprises worldwide have had to adopt a number of tactics to ensure confidential data stays safe.

The relationship between mobile devices and data is widening. Employees are finding new tools to make their jobs easier, from SaaS products to being able to access email and documents on their commute home. Mobile devices offer a new way to work.

However, today only 36% of security and IT professionals at global companies say they are vigilantly protecting the sensitive corporate data employees access on their mobile devices.

These are the forward-thinkers in the industry who understand that mobile security is important not just to protect against threats, but because they know mobility is good for their workers.

Here’s are the most common mobile security features they have deployed:

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March 17, 2016

It’s 9am, do you know where your data is?

For the next four weeks Lookout is diving into a number of key findings straight from the mouths of security and IT professionals you work with every day. This is week two. Check back for more insights from the field.

There’s a disconnect between IT security departments and the employees they protect: IT often doesn’t know what kinds of data employees can access via their mobile devices.

Fifty-six percent of IT and security professionals believe people are only accessing texts and emails, according to a report from The Ponemon Institute. This perception paints the picture of employees who sit at their desks all day and every now and again check their phone for a message. Mobile devices, however, are being used for so much more, and the use cases are clear in the data:

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 4.42.04 PM

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March 14, 2016

CeBIT 2016: What hacking cars has to do with your business


This year at CeBIT, Lookout will be on the center stage, with Lookout’s CTO and co-founder, Kevin Mahaffey, sharing his talk, “Why I hacked Tesla and what it means for your business.” According to Mahaffey, what started as a car hack, turned into an investigation revealing many of the same challenges we see with traditional enterprise security. For example, how do you build a resilient and flexible perimeter in today’s mobile world? How do you get security updates systems working swiftly from day one?

Keynote: Thursday March 17th at 3:15 – 3:45 Hall 8, Center Stage

CeBIT is one of the largest IT trade events in the world, and is happening in Hannover Germany this week. At the event, we’ll be sharing news of our expansion into Germany, including many local partners and distributors. Check out the Lookout display at our partner, Mobile Iron’s booth (Hall 4, Stand A24). Please come visit it to say hello, or hallo.

If you can’t join the event in-person, you can also watch Kevin’s keynote from this live stream:

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March 10, 2016

Mobile devices — frequently a part of broader cyber attacks

For the next four weeks Lookout is diving into a number of key findings straight from the mouths of security and IT professionals you work with every day. This is week one. Check back for more insights from the field.

Security professionals now say a mobile device was likely the root of a data breach in their organization, according to a new survey of security experts conducted by the Ponemon Institute.

Mobility is as much about people as it is about devices. Today, mobile devices are productivity tools we use to plan construction projects on site, record patient data in a consultation, take orders, give presentations, send messages/emails, make phone calls, take photos, navigate in our cars, and so much more. It stands to reason, then, that these devices are becoming more engrained in the everyday working environment.

Since we give mobile devices access to some of our most sensitive information — work emails, budget documents, HR information, business plans. The number of “things” we consume through mobile is growing rapidly. By virtue of how our working habits have changed, and the comprehensive nature of the data accessible on these devices, IT and security professionals now acknowledge mobile devices are a legitimate vector for attack. In fact, 67 percent said their organization has likely suffered a data breach through mobile. Phishing attacks, spoofed Wi-Fi attacks, malicious applications, and more are the likely culprits.

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March 8, 2016

Lookout’s new Apple Watch app is your alarm when your iPhone leaves your side


Today we’re releasing a new app for the Apple Watch that gives wearers a real-time look at how far away they are from their iPhone. The app showcases something we call a “distance visualization bar” that effectively plays the “You’re getting warmer, you’re getting colder!” game with you and your iPhone. Before you move out of connection-range from your iPhone, the Lookout Apple Watch app will alert you that you’re about to go out of range and give you the option to make your iPhone emit a scream sound, or pull up a map of the iPhone’s location.

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March 1, 2016

RSA 2016: Here are the sessions you need to see

IMG_5549 copy

It’s that time of year when a huge chunk of the security community descends on San Francisco like Ferry Building seagulls to a piece of Acme bread.

It’s RSA time, people.

We love a good security conference and are excited to give you practical security advice for running your day-to-day operations at the three sessions Lookout is leading at RSA. You won’t want to miss CTO and co-founder Kevin Mahaffey’s perhaps most intriguingly titled talk, “Giving the Bubble Boy and Immune System So He Can Play Outside”.

Two more useful sessions are being led by Mike Murray, VP of Security Research at Lookout. He’ll be presenting his own lessons learned from building secure products at GE, as well as a collaborative session on building a security RFP that helps you get the budget you’ve been fighting for.

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