| Individuals April 16, 2018

April 16, 2018

Over 13 million people exposed in March 2018 from breaches, leaks, and mistakes

By Lookout

Whether it's the target of criminals or credentials that were exposed due to human error, your information can become vulnerable for any number of reasons no matter where it is being stored.

The breaches and leaks of the past month affected over 13 million people and demonstrate that it's more important than ever to be vigilant and proactive.

Let's take a look at March-by-the-numbers to see what we're talking about and then learn one simple step you can take to keep up to date and informed.


The total number of account and data records exposed due to leaks, breaches, and mistakes in March. However, as we saw this past month, the number of people affected by any given breach frequently changes from the initial reports. For example, Equifax reported in March that 2.4 million more people were impacted by its 2017 breach, and Facebook announced the Cambridge Analytica breach potentially impacted 37 million more individuals than previously disclosed. With changes like these that may or may not make it into the headlines, it's critical you have a way to stay on top of the latest breaches that may affect you.


The number of industries affected by large-scale breaches and data leaks in March. Six doesn't sound like a big number, does it? But when you begin looking at the scope, you can see that breaches and leaks touched a wide cross section of where your data lives, including organizations in retail, healthcare, education, and government, as well as the technology and finance sectors.

Notable breaches by industry included:

  • Government: Over 21,000 Marines, sailors, and civilians that had their personal and financial information leaked after an email was sent to the wrong party by the U.S. Marine Corps.
  • Retail: Walmart's jewelry partner, MBM Company, had the personal information of 1.3 million people exposed on an open Amazon S3 bucket, and 880,000 Orbitz customers may have had their payment card information breached.
  • Education: An extensive data breach at Florida Virtual School affected more than 368,000 current and former students and 2,000 teachers.


The number of data leaks due to mailing errors. As you can see above, human error can lead to massive data leaks. In March alone, misdirected mail and email resulted in the personal information of tens of thousands to be leaked.


The top three most-exposed types of data in March were: 1) names, 2) Addresses, and 3) financial information. Significant breaches included:

  • Applebee's customers across 167 locations may have had their credit card information breached.
  • Up to 15,000 people may have had their personal financial and health information breached through a break-in at Fresno State University.

It's important to note that the data exposure from March breaches wasn't limited to names, addresses, and financial information. Medical information was also a target during the month. For example, 10,000 customers of ShopRite pharmacy in Millville, New Jersey, had their personal and medical information leaked.

What the numbers tells us

March highlighted the fact that your personal information can be put at risk by any number of factors. Malicious activity and plain old human error led to breaches and leaks in just about every industry that impacted millions.

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