| Individuals December 4, 2015

December 4, 2015

Employee Spotlight: Will Kimeria on building a diverse team that tackles the hard problems

By Lookout

In this series we’re highlighting some of our awesome employees and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll hear about our employees biggest wins, favorite moments, and reasons for doing what they do. Interested in starting a career at Lookout? Check out our open jobs.
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Will Kimeria Senior Software Engineer, Server, Core Services
Why do you do your job?
The one thing that could kill the mobile ecosystem is not having safety and security. As we become more connected, people have a lot more important data on their phones. I do my job because I think what we do is also pretty impactful. We’re doing more than just securing people’s devices; they need to feel and know that they are safe. Also, in the U.S. mobile devices are important, but perhaps they’re even more so in the rest of the world, especially in developing countries. In so many other countries your primary computing device is not a laptop; it’s your phone.
What do you feel most accomplished about in your time at Lookout?
Prior to joining the core services team at Lookout, I had never worked for a company with this amount of traffic. Just working through the issues that come with dealing with operating at this scale has been a great experience. It’s been technically challenging and every project I’ve worked on has been different in its own way. We’ve got interesting cutting-edge problems to solve: how do you do monitoring at this scale? How do you build resilient fault-tolerant services? How do you deploy services in a consistent, repeatable way? I like working on the core services team because I’m working on the backend plumbing that support all of our other services. We’re building the foundation for many of our existing and future products.
What is something you really care about bringing about in either your job, your team, or this industry?
I’m actually the chair of the Diversity Steering Committee at Lookout. The lack of diversity is a known problem at companies in the Bay Area. It’s a self-propagating problem. People tend to hire people who are similar to them (sometimes under the guise of ‘culture fit’), and the lack of diversity just propagates itself. Diversity has business advantages, in addition to social ones. Studies show that having more diversity actually helps organizations have better business outcomes. We’re working with different departments on initiatives to increase our diversity (especially focusing on Gender diversity for this term of the Diversity Steering Committee).
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