| Individuals December 18, 2015

December 18, 2015

Employee Spotlight: Alex Gladd on working both engineering and sales at the same time

By Lookout

In this series we’re highlighting some of our awesome employees and the work they do. In their own words, you’ll hear about our employees biggest wins, favorite moments, and reasons for doing what they do. Interested in starting a career at Lookout? Check out our open jobs.
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Alex Gladd Forward Deployed Engineer, Sales
Why do you do your job?
Living in D.C., we’re all, in a way, under the umbrella of the U.S. Federal Government, and they have their fair share of technology issues to contend with. It’s nice to be a part of fixing those problems. The government, just as much as the commercial industry, is struggling with mobile security as the need for it accelerates. The adoption of mobile is moving at a pace people just aren’t keeping up with. Thing is, it’s magnified in the government space where everything moves a bit slower. We’re seeing a big valley between how people are using mobile in their daily and work lives and the policies that need to be developed to keep people, data, and organizations safe. Enterprises and governments really are experiencing a lot of the same issues here.
How has your team helped you or what is one of your favorite memories/anecdotes from the team?
The team I work on at Lookout is different than any other team I’ve worked on. I’ve traditionally worked under purely engineering teams, but at Lookout I fall under both the engineer and sales sides of the house. It’s a natural fit to do a little of both when you’re focused on the federal market. In all my previous jobs I’d been interested in learning about the business side of the house, but didn’t get to see much of it working solely on the engineering team. It’s a valuable experience to have. I see a lot of engineers that are disjointed from the actual products that they’re working to create, so I appreciate being able to see if from both sides. I feel connected to the customer, directly hearing the problems they have and then building the solutions to solve those problems.
Why is what you do important?
I think protecting people as they use their mobile devices on a daily basis is important. I don’t think I would go a day without having my device with me and I don’t really know anybody who would these days. I think today there’s more exposure to attacks and compromises than ever before, for both people and organizations. I also love supporting our team. There’s an awful lot of work that needs to be done and a limited number of people with the right skillset out there.
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