| Executives June 8, 2017

June 8, 2017

Announcing our new Chief Development Officer: Vijaya Kaza

By Jim Dolce

Lookout Chief Development Officer Vijaya Kaza

On behalf of the entire leadership team I am delighted to announce that Vijaya Kaza has joined Lookout as Chief Development Officer. Vijaya joins Lookout from FireEye where she was Senior Vice President of Cloud Engineering. Prior to FireEye, Vijaya served for 17 years in multiple executive and leadership roles at Cisco, where she led product development for a broad portfolio of security products that generated more than $1B in annual revenue.

Vijaya's experience and perspective will be invaluable to our entire organization as we continue to expand our portfolio of products. Having Vijaya on board confirms our commitment to continually attracting the very best talent to translate our product vision into predictable, high quality execution.

On just her second day in the role, Vijaya sat down for a conversation about her experience developing security technology and how she plans to help make secure mobility a reality for enterprises and consumers in the near future.

What aspect of mobile security is most interesting to you?

People are increasingly spending more time on their mobile devices compared to desktops and laptops. As mobile devices become the primary productivity device in all our lives, threats, vulnerabilities, and risks will continue proliferating and mobile is fast becoming the most important threat vector that we have to pay attention to. Yet, this is an area that mostly remains underinvested and not well understood relative to other security threats, presenting a huge opportunity for Lookout.

We want to live in a world where every new smartphone and IoT activation adds threat intelligence that makes other devices in the world more secure. The alternative is a world where we never know if our phone, home, or health devices are putting our privacy or security at risk. That's not a world I want to live in.

How do you plan to leverage your security technology background at Lookout? 

Leveraging threat intelligence data at scale is the key to solving the mobile security problem, and that's what excites me about Lookout. Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms work well when they have a robust data set to learn from, and Lookout's mobile threat dataset is the industry's largest.

At FireEye, I led the development of Threat Analytics Platform built on micro services architecture that scaled and handled 6.3 trillion events/year, increased the signal to noise ratio and generated high fidelity security alerts and notifications that were meaningful to customers. At Lookout, my focus will be on continuing to scale our technology up, while delivering insights at an actionable, human scale.

Based on your experience from PC, network, and email security, how do you expect the mobile security market will evolve?

When enterprises start seeing mobile devices as primarily productivity devices, adoption of solutions like Mobile Endpoint Security will really start to accelerate. Of course, increased awareness to high profile threats and breaches, and potential fraud leveraging compromised devices plays a role in evolving the mobile security market. For example, Sandboxing technology and products became more mainstream after the awareness of APT1.

The recent prevalence data that Lookout published on the Spectrum of Mobile Risk also adds to how security leaders understand the risk to their data within the mobile ecosystem.

What else should people know about you? How would you describe your personality?

I am very decisive and strongly believe that any decision is better than no decision. I enjoy solving complex problems.

I have often been described as an authentic leader, probably because I am very transparent and with me - what you see is what you get. I give very direct and constructive feedback to my teams as I truly care about the people I work with and want everyone to be their best.

I am fun-loving and enjoy both working hard and playing hard with my team. I believe a little sense of humor goes a long way diffusing many stressful situations at work. In my free time I enjoying watching movies and reading.

I'm also passionate about encouraging and helping other women leaders in the industry and am proud to support organizations like FountainBlue and Watermark.

I'm very excited to join Lookout, help shape the mobile security industry and work side-by-side with the incredibly strong team here. 

If this sounds exciting to you too, take a look at the open positions on my team.

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