| Individuals December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Why people are lugging around their sensitive information every single day

By Lookout

Walking down the street, have you ever seen a woman pushing a wheelbarrow filled to the brim with photos? Have you ever watched a man push a cart overflowing with letters and envelopes? How about a backpack stuffed with rolodexes?
As weird as that all sounds, if you’ve seen a person walking down the street and looking at their phone you have seen exactly what we’ve described. Here’s what we mean:
Those photos in that wheelbarrow, the letters, the rolodexes? They’re representative of the large amounts of data that live on a mobile device. Mobile devices carry around and access so much more information than we realize. It’s the password or fingerprint you use to access your device and all your accounts. The photos of your child’s first birthday. The financial and customer records you access through apps. The personal information you hide in your notes.
You trust this information to your phone or tablet because these devices make your life simpler, more connected. They help you navigate better, inspire you to stay healthy, give you faster and smarter ways to complete your work, and quicker access to your financials -- and these are just a few ways mobile devices have helped people all around the world.
Indeed, in many countries phones and tablets act as a primary and portable computing device -- cheaper and more reliable in many cases than PCs.
Our lives have become mobile, but with great power comes great responsibility. Sensitive information, or data, is money to a criminal. Check out this article from a past talk at Def Con (the world’s largest hacker conference) about the underground markets where much of this data is sold.
So if your data is increasingly mobile, shouldn’t your security be too?
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