| Executives June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017

The 4 must-see sessions at this year’s Gartner Summit

By Lookout

The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit is one of the most useful events of the year for enterprises looking to better understand their own risk tolerance and security on mobile devices.

This year, mobile security plays a noteworthy role at the summit, with four key conversations happening from an overall look at the state of mobile security to mobile security strategies, to mobile threat defense technologies.  

Mobile security is no longer a future consideration for enterprises; it's a problem that must be solved today. Data loss and leakage via mobile devices is a real concern CISOs must take action on today.  

Any enterprise security professional heading to the event should attend the following talks to gain more perspective into real strategies, technologies, and issues facing their enterprise data:  

From the Fire to the Frying Pan: State of Endpoint and Mobile Security, 2017
Who: John Girard
When: Monday, June 12 - 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
Abstract: Endpoint and Mobility use cases continuously transform business processes and challenge established security best practices. Integrity comes down to personal discretion. We provide IT leaders with a path to introduce agility and tolerance into critical infrastructure. Concerns include technology trends, emerging exploits and the sheer enormity data protection in an interconnected workplace.  

Countering Mobile Malware With Mobile Threat Defense
Who: Dionisio Zumerle
When: Tuesday, June 13 - 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM
Abstract: This session will present and illustrate the mobile threat defense market and solutions. The session will analyze the techniques, main vendors, pros and cons, and the current rate of adoption. Attendees will obtain recommendations on when and how to choose and implement these solutions, and how these tools can integrate with enterprise mobility management.  

There Must Be Fifty Ways to Lose Your (Mobile) Data
Who: John Girard & Dionisio Zumerle
When: Wednesday, June 14 - 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
Abstract: With apologies to singer Paul Simon, 50 ways are only the beginning of your future data breach challenge. In the porous world of clouds and things, all data is mobile. Best practices and constructive motivation will reduce your risks more than new technology can ever accomplish.  Attendees will get a chuckle hearing about the world's strangest data breaches, and receive a prioritized action plan.  

Build Your Mobile Security Strategy
Who: Patrick Hevesi
When: Wednesday, June 14 - 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM
Abstract: Mobile attacks are becoming more advanced. Is it time to add more defense to your mobile infrastructure or just wall it off? BYOD versus COPE strategies are still highly debated. In this session, we will discuss the current mobile threat landscape, the latest mobile OS versions and the mobile security products in particular MTD (Mobile Threat Defense) to build a next-generation mobile security strategy.  

Interested to hear directly from Lookout at the event? There are two ways you can get connected:  

First, you can attend Lookout Chief Strategy Officer Aaron Cockerill's talk entitled, "Lookout: Managing Mobile Risk - Data-Driven Conditional Access." He'll be presenting on Wednesday, June 14, 1:10 PM- 1:35 PM in the Showcase Theater A, Prince George's Hall D, Atrium Level.  

You can also visit the Lookout Booth in the Expo Area. Come see Booth 1000 and chat with a Lookout representative about your company's specific needs.