| Individuals September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015

Life at Lookout: Introducing our company attributes

By Jim Dolce

LIL_GraphicIt’s hard to believe that Lookout is nearly 8 years old. What started as a pipedream to solve emerging mobile security challenges has become a thriving business that employs more than 300 people in development centers across San Francisco, Boston and Toronto, along with sales office around the world.
During this time, we’ve transitioned from a small startup to a scalable, growth stage company. In the process, we’ve expanded beyond a purely consumer focus to include the complex security issues that large enterprise customers face today.
Over the past several months, we’ve also taken some time to create a set of core values that align with our mission and vision.  It’s easy to shrug off values as a pointless exercise—it’s all about revenue, right? Not at all. Any seasoned leader knows building a sustainable business is not only about product, but about great people and the value system that guides them on a daily basis.  “Life at Lookout” defines the values that will serve as our North Star through our next stage of growth.
So, I wanted to take a moment to recap the principal attributes we aspire to embody at Lookout.
Build Trust
  • We always act with integrity, fairness and do the right thing.
  • We are straightforward and communicate openly and transparently.
  • We deliver good news with grace, and deliver bad news quickly and constructively.
  • We respect and value everyone for their diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas.
Be Accountable
  • We do what we say we’re going to do.
  • We engage in balanced, thoughtful discussion and commit to decisions once they’re made.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for driving extraordinary outcomes for our colleagues, customers, partners and shareholders.
Put Customers First
  • We know the only way to win is if people and our customers trust us.
  • We’re proud to compete in an industry that’s vital to our customers’ success.
  • We delight our customers and make them central to everything we do.
  • We know our customers’ needs and go all out to exceed their expectations, and invest in long-term relationships.
Commit to Excellence
  • We have a strong work ethic and deliver quality work, knowing both are vital to achieving our goals.
  • We constantly ask how we can do better and seek to improve at each iteration.
  • We help everyone give their best by providing actionable feedback and coaching.
  • We embrace change, learn from it and become all the better for experiencing it.
Be Bold
  • We innovate in ways that defy the status quo.
  • We transform the market we serve by creating simple, elegant solutions to complex problems.
  • We vow to fix the problems that matter.  
As we are committed to ensuring these values are more than a poster on the wall, we are integrating them into all that we do at Lookout, including how we set goals, evaluate our progress, and recognize and reward our employees. In this way, we embolden the values to be a critical part of the fabric of Lookout’s culture and ways of working.
I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished these first 8 years at Lookout. With these strong values to guide us as we enter our next phase of growth, I’m even more excited about what’s ahead.


Jim Dolce,