| Executives November 6, 2019

November 6, 2019

Lookout partners with Google to protect users from app risk

By Lookout

We’re excited to announce that we’ve joined forces with Google in its new App Defense Alliance to protect users from potentially harmful applications by stopping them before they ever make it onto the Google Play Store. With this new partnership, Lookout can stop malicious apps before they become a threat by scanning apps submitted to the Google Play Store before they are available for users to download.

Lookout has protected users from malicious apps for more than a decade, and has produced many valuable research reports for the cybersecurity industry. Even before this partnership, Lookout worked closely with Google to help them remove mobile app threats from the Google Play Store, such as ViperRAT, Desert Scorpion and BeiTaAd. With the launch of the App Defense Alliance, Lookout will now be able to identify these sort of malicious apps before they ever become a threat to the general public.

"Lookout has a long history of protecting users and enterprises from threats, and we appreciate their contributions to the Android ecosystem. Lookout has been an important partner in helping us keep the Google Play Store secure and the App Defense Alliance is an important extension of our partnership. "

Dave Kleidermacher, VP Android Security at Google

"The Lookout Security Cloud has analyzed more than 80 million mobile apps in the last 10 years. Our participation in the App Defense Alliance further extends our massive data set and analysis capability to help stop malicious apps before they’re even introduced to the Google Play Store."

Jim Dolce, CEO, Lookout
Beyond Google Play: Protecting against the entire spectrum of mobile risk

The App Defense Alliance will protect Google Play Store users from app-based threats, such as malware, spyware and vulnerable applications within the Google Play Store; however, app-based threats are just one aspect of the spectrum of mobile risk, just as the Google Play Store is just one aspect of the mobile ecosystem.

Users can still be targeted in web-based attacks, such as phishing, device-based threats and network-based attacks. Moreover, this alliance only protects users from app threats in the Google Play Store, not apps outside of the Play Store. For enterprises, these threats could leave corporate data vulnerable. 

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security will continue to protect against the entire spectrum of mobile risk, including network protection, phishing and content protection, device vulnerabilities, app vetting for enterprise developed apps, and app behavior for corporate compliance (or regulatory compliance) initiatives. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security ensures continuous conditional access to corporate resources, which only happens when there is an acceptable level of risk, and the device is in compliance with policy.

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