| Executives September 6, 2019

September 6, 2019

Lookout and VMware partner to enhance visibility and management of mobile threats with Workspace ONE Intelligence

By Lookout

As data continues to move to the cloud, organizations must adopt a post-perimeter security strategy to safeguard sensitive business information. This integration allows VMware’s Workspace ONE Intelligence to ingest threat data from a mobile threat detection solution (MTD), such as Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security, to centrally visualize, and secure endpoints across the organization with powerful insights and automation. As a member of the VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network, Lookout provides enhanced threat detection and remediation capability for mobile endpoints.

"“This integration gives VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence customers visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk, all from one cohesive and integrated platform. With this integration, it’s easier for organizations to be one step closer to a post-perimeter security strategy.”"

Marc Jaffan, Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at Lookout.
Lookout and VMware provide a single security platform for customers

The Lookout + VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence integration uses the Lookout Mobile Risk API to pass device and threat information to the Workspace ONE Intelligence Hub.

The mobile device and threat information provided by Lookout is specific to the customer’s environment and will be integrated throughout the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence platform, giving organizations visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk and the security confidence needed in a post-perimeter world

Lookout and VMware enhance cybersecurity in a post-perimeter world

Enhancing visibility across all mobile endpoints has become increasingly important as cybercriminals seek to exploit vulnerabilities within the mobile workforce. Mobile phishing, application, device, and network-based threats are sophisticated and continue to evolve to bypass defenses. Lookout has a deep understanding of mobile threats and is well positioned to safeguard employees as they work beyond the traditional security perimeter. By integrating Lookout mobile threat intelligence into the VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence console, organizations can leverage this data in combination with other security alerts ported to the console and drive automated responses to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks. 

To learn more about the VMware + Lookout integration, visit the VMware Solution Exchange.

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