| Executives January 15, 2015

January 15, 2015

The Lookout Mobile Threat Report - 2014 was the year of sophistication

By Lookout

2014 was the year of malware sophistication -- new threats, monetization strategies, and distribution methods all surfaced and became legitimate issues.
That’s just one of our findings from this year’s Mobile Threat Report -- Lookout’s deep dive into the world of mobile threats in 2014, which we are releasing today.
We looked into our dataset of the world’s mobile code, gathered anonymously from our 60 million sensors (our users!) around the globe. We analyzed this data and found a number of interesting trends:
  • The number of Android users who encountered malware in the U.S. grew significantly -- 75% -- in the last year.
  • Data exfiltration is a worldwide issue. If your data is stolen, don’t expect it to stay within one country’s borders.
  • One threat can really make a difference. For example, ransomware was almost single-handedly responsible for the spike in U.S. mobile malware encounter rates.
And we expect that adversarial attention on the U.S. -- a country that has traditionally flown under the mobile malware radar -- will only continue in 2015.
Learn more about the state of mobile malware by checking out Lookout’s Mobile Threat Report. If you’re more interested in an enterprise take on the data, we’ve got you covered as well.
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