| Individuals November 11, 2019

November 11, 2019

Unpatchable jailbreak: checkra1n

By Lookout

On September 27th, 2019, checkm8 was announced on Twitter as a “permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit” for any iOS device with an A5 chip up to an A11 chip. At that time, no full jailbreak had yet been released to take advantage of checkm8, but on November 8th, checkra1n was officially released to the world as a way to fully jailbreak iOS devices.

Devices with these chips are:

  • iPhone 4s to X
  • iPad mini to 4
  • iPad 2 to 7
  • iPad Pro 1 and 2
  • Apple TV 3 to 4k
  • iPod Touch 5 to 7

iOS jailbreaking has long been practiced by people who want to surpass traditional software restrictions on Apple devices so that they can do anything from installing certain apps to customizing the appearance of a device’s interface. Jailbreaking gives users complete access to everything on the device, which also means it can give attackers free reign to modify and bypass iOS security settings. Jailbreaks pose a significant compliance risk to a company as unauthorized modifications to iOS cause that device to fall out of compliance with internal and external parameters. In highly regulated industries such as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing, this can damage a company’s reputation and worse, lead to risky compliance violations.

How to protect your organization from checkra1n

Lookout jailbreak detection protects customers against checkra1n. Jailbroken devices open up a window of opportunity for malicious actors to take advantage of the device and exfiltrate large amounts of personal and corporate data. By detecting the latest jailbreak methods, Lookout can block access to corporate apps and infrastructure normally accessed by the device to ensure protection of an organization’s assets and prevent a data breach. What’s more, Lookout Continuous Conditional Access ensures that no compromised devices connect to company resources. 

Confirmed detection in the Lookout admin console

Lookout will continue to further analyze the threat and ensure continued coverage as it evolves.

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